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ToniQ Accessories Spring Summer 2013 Collection – Neon/ Sugar Rush & More

ToniQ Accessories Spring Summer 2013 Collection – Neon/ Sugar Rush & More

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Summer fashion trends are all over the place and no more so than in the accessories world where there are different kinds of accessories competing for attention. Where black and white are taking over as a trend across all fashion products, neon colors are a close runner up as well.

Where there are chokers, long chai necklaces with skull pendants are also screaming for appeal. Tribal themed jewelry continues to be in fashion as well with its neutral base colors matched with bright shades or blues and oranges.

ToniQ Accessories is a new name among the accessory world. Though young in the fashion industry, ToniQ has hit it off with its chic accessory range. Whether it’s a handbag or a ring, the brand brings into its designs everything that is trendy and fashion forward.

This year is no different from the time it started in 2010, and ToniQ has come up with a very unique yet modish collection that leaves no style left out so there’s a perfect piece of accessory available to anyone’s taste and dress up style.

Let’s look at some of the best among ToniQ 2013 collection

Chevron Cuff – Monochrome

ToniQ Accessories Spring 2013

Following the trend for all things black and white, this cuff is a stunner. Cuffs are a bold item of jewelry that not only add to your look, but often time complete. If you’re headed to some casual summer party, all you might need to complete you t-shirt and jeans outfit is cuff.

The Chevron Cuff is quite wide and so covers a considerable part of your skin. It has upon it a tribal pattern with plenty of stripes, triangles and zigzags. This pattern is outlined by dull gold, which is the base color for this cuff. Seeing as how black and white match pretty much any outfit, this cuff is a must have for summer accessories shopping list.

Give Peace a Chance – Charm Necklace

Chance Summer necklace

This is more than a typical peace charm accessory item. It is, in fact, more of a peace wreath adorned by all things floral and elegant. This charm necklace is done in soft pastel shades of pink and blue that together make this necklace stand out quite a bit. The peace wreath is decorated by pink and blue stone flowers.

It has placed along its curves a spattering of plain blue stones as well. Other adornments include dull gold leaves, pearls, and coral rhinestones. All in all, an exquisite piece of jewelry perfect to complete the look of a plain summer dress.

Neon Festival Choker

Accessories ToniQ Summer 2013

Any neon item of accessory immediately makes you seem dressed up. It could be a bag, a pair of heels or just a ring on your finger, that pop or bright color really adds to your outfit and makes not only you look great, but makes you stand out.

Neon colors then are in for this summer season and so ToniQ’s choker necklace comes in a beautiful neon yellow that is in true summer-y spirit. Chokers look chic yet sophisticated so they are good to wear to any casual to semi-formal event. They complete your look with the addition of just one item of jewelry. Your little black dress can appear new and unworn by adding this neon choker with some dramatic smoky makeup to your eyes.

Neon Pop – Triangle Ring

Triangle Earring

Combining the trend of neon colors with that of the tribal theme, this ring is quite the stunner. It is set against a dull gold base color with three zigzagging lines running across the triangle shape.

The zigzags are in shades of pink, lime green and the not so neon black. This ring would look great matched with a black dress and the Neon Festival Choker. The combination of bright colors with the absence of colors (the black dress) would really show off your accessories while accentuating the best qualities of your dress.

Skull Candy – Drop Earrings

Skull Drop earrings

Another summer accessories trend on the rise includes skull charms. Dull gold seems to be the neutral color of choice this summer considering most of the jewelry discussed above includes that shade of gold in it.

These skull charm earrings include a tiny dull gold charm on the top and then a long and pointed dagger like shaped charm. These earrings are light and as neutral a color as can be and so are great for everyday use.

Daisy Flower Studs

Daisy Flower Studs

Speaking of everyday use jewelry, these studs are just what you’re looking for. They come in a soft pearl white color with dull gold centers (of course). These studs are perfect for everyday use and are quite a comfortable wear.

The white and gold combination goes with just about anything you have in your summer wardrobe. Excessive wear does not wear off the gold coloring on its edges or the center.

Tribal Earrings – Blue

Blue Tribal fashion

These earrings are quite a different take on the tribal theme, but no less gorgeous than the rest. In fact, they are designed with more of a floral pattern with a big blue stone at the center of their round design.

The earrings are designed brownish gold color and are meant for formal wear. You may pair these with a formal dress and an up-do so that the hair doesn’t draw attention away from your earrings nor the earrings draw attention away from your face.

At ToniQ, every product is designed with the latest in the world of fashion in mind so no product is less than the best. With accessories, the trends change and vary according to each item in question. Shoes have snakes skin in, but belts are more in fashion with some color on them.

Accessories have a lot wider range of styles and truly make or break your dress. So don’t only be careful when choosing your accessories, but try to be as true as you can to your style.



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