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Duck Dynasty T-Shirts Come With Cool Taglines And Slogans (Review)

Duck Dynasty T-Shirts Come With Cool Taglines And Slogans (Review)

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Duck Dynasty goes on air on A&E. For those who are unaware, it’s a reality television series that revolves around the lives of the Robertson Family. Interestingly, the family goes from being poor to wealthy by selling special ‘Duck Calls’, which they have named as the ‘Duck Commander’. Phil Robertson was the man behind the famous Duck Calls that were made using the wood from cedar trees from the swamps of Monroe, Louisiana. The plot seems quite interesting, and it’s a relatively new TV series. The first season aired on 21st March 2012 went for a total of 15 episodes with the final being aired on 23rd May 2012. The second season is being aired currently. Season 2 premièred on October 10th 2012. Duck Dynasty T-shirts are on a roll. Read on for more details.

You might see a number of people wearing these shirts, and judging by the reviews, people find them cool. Some have the characters on them, while some feature interesting quotes. Whatever the case is, these shirts have a lot of appeal.

IntReviews has selected the best Duck Dynasty Shirts, so go ahead and take a look.

Cool Duck Dynasty T-Shirts to wear — the options available to you

Duck Dynasty Ducks Are Like Women T-shirt – Black

Duck Dynasty Ducks Are Like Women T-shirt  Black -  review

This bold T-Shirt features a duck lying on its back with its legs up in the air. The slogan reads “Ducks are like women, they don’t like mud on their Butts.”   This quote is by Phile Robertson. Although not many of his quotes are about women, when he says them, they are a must-hear! This T-shirt practically screams out that you are a big fan of Duck Dynasty. Made of 100% cotton, it comes only in black. You can buy it for $26.95.

Duck Dynasty Happy Happy Happy T-shirt – Black

Duck Dynasty Happy Happy Happy T-shirt

Phil Robertson is happy when it comes to killing, plucking, skinning, and eating food. This T-shirt captures his “Happy Happy Happy” moment with his signature. This T-shirt comes in black, and costs $24.95.

Duck Dynasty Duck Commander Camo T-Shirt

This particular Duck Dynasty T-shirt looks quite amusing. It is called the Duck Commander Camo, and has a very heavy camo pattern with long grass shoots, along with the duck commander logo on the upper left of the T-shirt. It has the duck commander logo at the back of the T-Shirt, which somehow spoils the overall effect of the T-shirt. Nevertheless, it has an interesting design and is priced at $26.95.

Duck Dynasty Family First T-shirt – White

Duck Dynasty Family First T-shirt review

“Family First, Business Second.” That’s the slogan on this T-shirt. It reminds us about how we should always find time for our family. Duck Dynasty teaches us a lot of lessons about life and living it the right way. This might remind you of the time when Willie has had it with the rest of the Robertson clan and wishes to fire them, but then sees how family always comes first. It’s made with 100% cotton. You can buy it for $26.95.

Duck Dynasty Frog’s Nightmare T-shirt – Black

Duck Dynasty Frog's Nightmare T-shirt review

Amusingly enough, most Duck Dynasty T-Shirts are black, and this one is no exception. Jase Robertson always has his share of humor. This T-shirt has a caption that reads out “I’m a frog’s nightmare”. It comes in black, and has the caption in an acid green color. 100% cotton, this one goes for $26.95.

Duck Dynasty Millionaires T-shirt – White

Duck Dynasty Millionaires T-shirt

This Duck Dynasty T-shirt shows the headshots of the Robertsons with the caption “Not Your Average Millionaires” written underneath. It comes in grey. The material is 100% cotton. The four Robertsons will remind of being true to your lifestyle. A very cool looking T-Shirt, this one is for $26.95.

Duck Dynasty Squirrel Brains T-shirt – Cardinal Red

Duck Dynasty Squirrel Brains T-shirt  review

Finally, some color! This one is in Cardinal Red, and has a very amusing tagline; “I love a woman that loves squirrel brains”. Squirrel brains are actually a delicacy in the Duck Dynasty household, and this T-Shirt would really attract some attention with its bold tagline. 100% cotton, this T-shirt is priced at $26.95.

Duck Dynasty Si-intistic T-shirt – Harbor Blue

Duck Dynasty Si-intistic T-shirt - Harbor Blue review

The Vietnam Veteran of the Robertson Family always has some epic one-liners to say. His favorite word is “si-intistic”. This T-Shirt features Willie’s uncle and his quote; ““Hey- this is “si”-intistic stuff”. This T-shirt is made of 100% cotton, comes in Harbor Blue and is priced at $26.95. 

Duck Dynasty latest t-shirts — where can you buy them from?

Hope you had fun looking at these amusing T-shirts by Duck Dynasty. Feel free to contact us if you want to purchase any of these. Feel free to leave comments.


  1. can i get the camo duck commander tshirt in a medium?

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