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5 Uber Cool Outfits From Markus Lupfer Spring Summer 2014 Collection

5 Uber Cool Outfits From Markus Lupfer Spring Summer 2014 Collection

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The 2013 spring season was highlighted by bright and loud colors, with loads of geometric and flower prints.

However, Markus Lupfer feels that spring 2014 should be marked more by graphic images and dull colors in terms of gray. More specifically, an aspect of purity should also be present with the tones of white.

Indulge in something different, something new and something truly amazing, with the Markus Lupfer SS’2014 collection.

Top outfits from Markus Lupfer latest designs

Lame Jersey Shirt & Pants

Markus Lupfer spring summer 2014

This adorable jersey shirt has full sleeves, with a small neckline. Grey in entirety, the jersey is a bit loose and looks comfy on the inside. It says LAME in funky blue font on top, outlined with black and looks rather glam.

Ending at the hips and tucked into pants, this jersey has everything good going on. The blue pants worn underneath have a straight fit and end at the ankles. Pair this outfit with heels or go laid back with a worn out pair of sneakers. Leave your hair open or tie it up in a loose ponytail for a glorious grunge rock appeal. Keep the makeup light and look amazingly natural.

Meow Cat Shirt with Short Skirt

Meow Cat Shirt with Short Skirt

The short blouse worn on top is plain white, with short sleeves. The blouse says MEOW on top, with a graphic image of a cat printed above. The top is tucked into a short skirt that has a base material of lace and net. The color is again pure white and looks rather angelic.

The skirt has a loose and straight fit and reaches the ankles almost; purity is a primary component of this look. Leave your hair loose and straighten it a bit, and there’s no harm in adding some cat inspired eyeliner to look ravishing. Sneakers, heels or wedges are all ideal complements with this look.

Loser Shirt with High Waist Skirt

Loser Shirt with High Waist Skirt

This outfit is fancy and glorious because of the color and the hip style. It comprises of a skin fitted top, with full length sleeves. The neckline is high, with LOSER printed across the center. The text has been digitized to look like a 3-D image.

The shirt is tucked into a high waist skirt, which has a light peach tone. The material used is exquisite and when light scatters across it, it looks just divine. The skirt has pockets along either side, with frills dangling across the edges. It almost reaches the ankles, and reveals those glorious legs. Pair this outfit with some beautiful gladiator sandals to shine when you walk in the streets.

Cat Print Short Dress

Cat Print Short Dress

This adorable and laid back dress has short sleeves, with a loose fitting. The dress has a powder blue base, with graphic prints of animated cats all over it. The cats are outlined with rough black lines, and this just adds to intricacy of the design.

The dress ends at the hips and almost resembles a night suit. Pair this with teenage sort of sandals in blue color or go plain with white. Keep the hair loose and the makeup to a minimum. Some blue themed eyeliner and an assortment of blue accessories will definitely add some snazzy quotient.

Telephone Jersey Shirt with Short Skirt

Telephone Jersey Shirt with Short Skirt

This jersey shirt has a high neckline and long sleeves that can be pushed back for that casual demeanor. The light grey jersey has a printed image of a telephone; it tries to revive the pas by adding a bit of glitter to the traditional phone.

The shirt ends at the waist, and a short skirt is seen underneath. The skirt has a waist belt and quite some flare to it. It is super short and finishes an inch below the hips. The base is white, with a black and grey print on it. The print comprises of black and white flowers.

Owls, peacocks and moustaches have been replaced by telephones, cats and loud statements. Feel free to get into the latest trends with Markus Lupfer next spring.

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