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Some Facts about Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation

Rosacea: Signs and Symptoms

Skin problems should be diagnosed and treated at the earliest possible. Skin problems could make a person look bad and unhealthy. Rosacea is one of the skin conditions that affect many people in modern days. Now let’s briefly look into Rosacea.

Rosacea is characterized by redness and flushing of the skin. This skin condition usually affects nose, chin, eyes and cheeks. Most people mistook rosacea as acne during the beginning stage and will only realize later when the condition gone severely. Rosacea not only causes changes in skin color but may also cause pain.

The exact reason for the actual cause of Rosacea is not determined scientifically. But there are so many theories that are widely believed to be the reason for the cause of rosacea directly or indirectly. Consumption of too much spicy food and hot food is believed to be one of the prime reasons for the rosacea. Another widely believed reason is the alcohol consumption. Severe weather conditions and hot water bath and sauna would also worsen the condition.

You should know that there is no definite cure for rosacea condition. However, the condition could be controlled to prevent becoming severe and could also lessen the effect. You can either visit a dermatologist or use over-the-counter topical cream to get relief. There is also oral medication available for this condition.

Of late, laser treatments are considered as the best option for rosacea. The laser treatments are quite effective as the work deep into the skin, on the blood vessels. This treatment is less painful and does not pose any serious side effects.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

The color and tone of skin plays a crucial factor in deciding our appearance. The melanocyte cells in our skin produce melanin, which gives color to our skin. When the production of melanin becomes high, then our skin color becomes very dark – a condition referred as hyperpigmentation. This condition could be experienced due to many reasons such exposure to sunlight and due to side effects of some drugs. Though hyperpigmentation is not a fatal medical condition, however, one should strive treat it properly to prevent the skin become more dark and unsightly. There are so many options to cure, treat and prevent the hyperpigmentation.

Before deciding the course of treatment, one should understand the type of hyperpigmentation. Changes in hormonal level could result in hyperpigmentation. For example, abnormalities in thyroid hormone level could increase the pigmentation.

Age spot is a type of pigmentation that is usually found among the people aged above 60.  In some cases, hyperpigmentation could also occur due to injuries skin and other skin conditions and diseases. If you want effectively treat the hyperpigmentation, it is better to visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist would identify the type of hyperpigmentation through various examinations. Then he would recommend the best topical cream according to your skin condition. If the initial treatment did not work well, then the doctor would prescribe advanced treatment such as laser treatment, skin peels or acid peels.

There are so many skin care centers or clinic around the country to offer the best solution for your hyperpigmentation problem.

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