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Facts about the Best Anti-Aging Supplements

The world is a far-reaching thing and we do not want to grow old too fast to never see all of it and lucky for us that there are life extension supplements available to prolong our lives into a healthy, ripe old age. For millions of senior citizens this spells relief for many aches and pains so that they can enjoy their golden years instead of spending them in and out of hospitals and doctor offices. Combine life extension supplements with tension exercises (meaning workouts that are low stress but make you strain against pressure) and you can expect to lose weight, trim up and live a lot longer a lot healthier.

Aging is a product of the very oxygen that sustains us. You see, when we exercise, our muscles use up a lot of oxygen. Mitochondria that are in our bodies produce energy but only use up about 10%-20% of their normal amount of oxygen. A small fraction of that energy misses its intended destination and, as a result, creates a toxic substance called free radicals. The built-in filtration system that is in our bodies works great when we are not doing anything however, when we are working out the system does not work as well and we can absorb up to three times more free radicals. Unless, of course, we take precautions like antioxidants that include life extension supplements.

Training muscle, i.e. muscles that we have been working out and developing, goes off-line for a short time. They are working in a low-oxygen mode until they can adapt to the new oxygen load and circulation returns. During this rebuilding process, free radicals are produced in larger amounts than your natural enzymes cannot handle. Life extension supplements can help you in better dealing with the free radicals, which is great since free radicals are the culprits in creating soreness, swelling and pain.

One common life extension supplement is Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to protect the body against free radicals and, as an added bonus, protects the LDL Cholesterol from the chemical process that makes it harden, clogging arteries. Life extension supplements are very common with Vitamin A being just one piece of the puzzle, but we also need to combine it with other life extension supplements.

Beta-carotene along with its close cousin alpha-carotene and gamma-carotene, lutein, lycopene and zeaxanthine are expelled during exercise as well. The good thing is that you do not need some big gun vitamin to replenish those vitamins. The best life extension supplements contain what they call mixed carotenoids, a mixture of all of the carotene you lose.

Vitamin C is also a great life extension supplement. Vitamin C is very non-specific. It removes a wide variety of free radicals and even regenerates Vitamin E. You have to be careful though as too much Vitamin C is not a good thing and as such you should not overdo it. Vitamin C lets your body take in more iron and too much iron can cause arthritis. Taking a small amount daily will decrease muscle pain. If you are taking Vitamin C, do not take Iron. Your body will absorb too much and will cancel out any benefits you would normally be getting.

When you mention life extension supplements you cannot go without bringing up Vitamin E, which is, easily, the most researched of the supplements. Vitamin E protects you against heart disease, certain cancers, and immune system enhancements. Taking Vitamin E helps your muscles to loosen, relieving tension. You can overdose on Vitamin E so be careful. Two times a day is all you need as long as the supplement contains all of the ingredients that make up Vitamin E.

Selenium, though not strictly an age defying vitamin, acts in roughly the same way as it prevents your muscles from becoming tired. Besides selenium, manganese is also a piece of the puzzle in most antioxidant enzymes that are found in life expansion supplements. Leafy green vegetables contain this vitamin. Zinc promotes balance in your immune system and those who exercise often should take it daily to warn off joint pain.

With all of this said that is a lot of pills to be taking on a daily basis. We know that aging is caused by the degradation of mitochondria. The inner cell of the mitochondria, organelles, converts amino and fatty acids, as well as sugar into energy. When we get older their ability to do their job slows down.

The answer to aging can be found in a life expansion supplement, Juvenon. Juvenon is a cellular health supplement that contains many of the substances that we all naturally need within our body. Juvenon consists of all of the normal mitochondrial metabolites that allow mitochondrial functions to stay on par even as we age. It is done by maintaining membrane potential, increasing metabolism and antioxidants as well as increasing the overall health of the cells.

Juvenon stimulates the mitochondrial function by way of a compound that is proven to stimulate the synthesis of cardiolipin which is a key component in mitochondria. Cardiolipin is needed in order to transport enzymes that increase the overall stability of the cell. The supplement has been found to increase memory, enhance your mood and metal acuity as well as promoting a sound and restless sleep making Juvenon one of the greatest life expansion supplements you can get into your system.

Juvenon is probably the most potent of supplements on the market today for increasing cell stabilization. This anti-aging supplement allows your cells to increase their amount of natural antioxidants. Free radicals attack your cells very easily and they require more support in order to retain their youth.

We never want to clock out of our life too early. We eat right, exercise and take care of ourselves as much as we can. It is senseless to be taken down by the very thing that we are using in order to live longer. Be it Juvenon, or other life extension supplements, we cannot let out bodies go, and these supplements allow us to take care of ourselves on the microscopic level.

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