Factors to Think of When Getting Acne Scars Laser Treatment

Acne does not come alone. Even after healing, they leave scars which not only mar the physical beauty, they also affect the emotional well-being off the person. Scars can affect one’s confidence and self-esteem too along with the looks.  Many people chalk these as a problem faced by adolescents and teenagers but people of all age suffer from the same or worse cases of acne scars.  Every day there are multiple advertisements of different products which are supposed to cure the acne, but unfortunately all of these are not suitable or nor they work. Depending on how severe the condition is, there are different treatments available for acne scars. In case the problem is not too severe, one can use the medical cosmetic creams and lotions available in the market. The only thing to make sure before buying such products is a prescription from the doctor. Herbal and home based solutions can also be considered in such situations. Acne scars laser treatment is one treatment which can be adopted in case of the extensive scars.

Like the other treatments, acne scars laser treatment is not the process of getting one prescription and using the lotion then adopted. Instead laser treatment of acne involves multiple sittings with the laser technician and the doctor. Also it calls for extensive care of the treated skin as per the prescription of the doctor. Moreover, acne scar laser treatment can cost much more than all the other treatments. Each session can cost around few hundred dollars, but it also guarantees the protection from all the pain, blemishes and scars. The process of treatment is quite painless. A laser beam is focused on the culprit oil glands and is used to control them.

Laser treatments for acne scars have become quite popular amongst the people. Despite its high cost, it is still one of the most sought after procedures because of its effective results in treating acne scars. But before one jumps in and invest in the laser treatment, one should be careful about the following points:

Short Term Side Effects:  While laser treatments are quite effective in getting one free from scars, there are some small term side-effects, especially immediately after the procedure. The most common problem is that the skin may appear red or swollen. In some cases, infection of skin has also been noticed. But all these side-effect are only temporary. They usually go away after a week or so. Dermatologists usually provide the medication to combat these side effects as well.

Planning:  Since the above symptoms are quite common, one should plan for some downtime after the laser treatments. This downtime varies from person to person. If one has to attend a function or a meeting, it is better that the laser treatment is postponed in the scenario.Active

Acne:  It is not advisable to go for laser treatments for scarring if one is still suffering from active acne. The first step should be the treatment of acne rather than the acne treatments.

Different kinds of Laser Treatment:  Laser treatment can be of different types depending upon the assorted wavelengths and various levels of intensities used during the session. Different types of scar tissues and the contour calls for different kinds of laser treatment. Laser treatments are only effective if the right kind of lasers is used for the kind of treatment. A physician determines the kind of laser that he will utilize during the procedure, which is based on the results requested. The treatment can involve simple eradication of unwanted tissue with a carbon dioxide laser or a single laser treatment for acne scars or it can involve multiple sittings.

Dermatologist is a must!: Following the advice of the dermatologist is must before acne scar laser treatment. The dermatologist can assess the suitability of laser treatments and advise on the type of laser treatments procedure, the number of sessions required, the costs and the side effects.

As seen above, acne scar laser treatment is a simple process, but one which involves certain amount of involvement by the dermatologist, the laser surgeon and the physician. The laser treatment is an effect method of the scar treatment, but it should not be the first choice of the person.

The first and foremost is the prevention of acne scars as prevention is always better than cure. One should not abuse the acne by pinching, itching or rubbing the points as this is how the scars develop. One should avoid the exposure to direct sunlight as this can lead to darkening of the scars and make them more visible. It is also better to avoid high sugar content food as they can aggravate the problem of acne and scarring as well.

Because of the cost and the procedure, the process of adopting the laser should be thought off. If one indeed decides to go for acne scar laser treatment, one should figure in the factors as indicated above along with the cost. One should always be careful about keeping a separate budget as there are chances that number of sitting required might increase. The process of laser treatment of scars, like all other treatments, is quite dependent upon the reaction of the skin to the treatment. In case the skin does not react as predicted, the number of sittings and exposure to laser may have to be changed accordingly.

The scars of acne have been a problem of many people for years. In the world where clear skin is considered as the mark of the success, the problem of these scars is more difficult. Many people including children, adults, teenagers, are never able to realize their full potential because of low self-esteem that they face due to these scars and acnes. But then nothing in this world is impossible—not even removal of these acne scars. The laser treatment ensures that the scars say goodbye forever and never return. All that the treatment calls for is right planning, right budget and medical help to overcome these blemishes.

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