Eye Problems as Diabetes Symptoms in Men

Having eye problem as diabetes symptoms in men can be very disturbing. Both types of diabetes, either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, have an equal likelihood to have eye problems as diabetes symptoms in men. Some eye problems from a common symptom like blurred eyes until a severe one like diabetic retinopathy must be treated seriously. Diabetic retinopathy is a common terminology referring to any retina disorder caused by diabetes.  Basically, various eye problems as diabetes symptoms in men are caused by high level of blood glucose control as well as a high of blood pressure. Thus, keeping your blood glucose and your blood pressure under control are main keys to get rid of eye problems as diabetes symptoms in men.

Recognize Eye Problems as Diabetes Symptoms in Men

There are three common eyes problems in diabetic person which are cataracts, glaucoma and retinopathy. However, those three kinds of eye problems can only be detected by the examination of doctor. Thus, once you feel something wrong with your sight in an unusual state (not because of irritation), then you need to immediately consult with your doctor.

Blurred sight commonly acts as a gate of the worse eyes problems to happen for a diabetic person. Even though you buy new glasses for repairing your sight, the problem will still be getting worse. This is because in a diabetic person, high blood sugar causes the lens of the eyes to swell that also reduce its ability to create a sight. Normal blood sugar on the range 70-130 mg/dL before eating and 180 mg/dL after eating is a safe level to improve the quality of vision and reduce eye problems as diabetes symptoms in men.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Diabetes

Have a regular check-up.  There is a relationship between the period of your diabetes with the severity of eyes problem you can have. The longer you have diabetes, the worse your eyes problem can be. Moreover, there is also the possibility that diabetes breaks your retina before you notice any change in your sight. Indeed, people even may have no symptoms before finally their retina destroyed. Thus, having regular check up to your doctor is very important.

 Differentiate between diabetes symptoms or ordinary eyes problem

For someone who has found having diabetes, making regular check-up is a mandatory. But what about the people who haven’t made any diabetes test yet? What you need to do is the ability to differentiate whether your symptoms are only common eyes problem or it is really caused by diabetes. Besides directly checking your blood glucose tested, you can also try to do sight therapy to your eyes. If you don’t want to spend high cost to go to a doctor or eyes professional, a short safe home remedy here can help you to conduct a test to your sight. If after doing such therapy the problem is still exists, then the eyes problem you have may be caused by diabetes.  Stop the therapy and get your refund soon because basically the therapy is 100% free.

Keep your blood glucose under control

Lowering your blood glucose is influenced by many factors, especially your lifestyle. Managing your eating plan and doing a healthy dietary pattern can help you to reach your target level (read the previous post about how to have a healthy diet). Other factors such as smoking and alcohol addiction can also contribute to your blood glucose level. You can read how to get rid of alcohol here.

Keep your blood pressure under control

High blood pressure can also stimulate your diabetes to jeopardize your eyes problem. The normal level of blood pressure you have is 130/80, upper than that you need to start being careful. Having a physical exercise is the best way to lower your blood pressure to the normal level. However, feeling depression and stress can also increase your blood pressure. Thus, free your mind from any problem can help you to get more relax. This is why when you have a diabetes you need to communicate it with your community and people in your family so that they can also be responsible for not burdening your mind with problems. You can do some home exercise like yoga or meditation. As an alternative, you can also try out a free home remedy to feel relieve and get rid of depression here.


If your diabetes has got severe and you are too late to anticipate it, then surgery can be the option for you to heal your eyes. In this state, sometimes a patient has lost his sight. It is strongly recommended to communicate what kind of surgery matching with your doctor very carefully. Ask your doctor to diagnose your eyes first before making a surgery agreement.

Some expert who already knew the severity of diabetes sometimes joke by saying that they prefer to have HIV rather than Diabetes. This is because diabetes is a very long treatment disease that really needs patience and consistency to heal. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for all of us to check blood sugar level in our body and have a healthy lifestyle here. Far much better, it is recommended for us to act fast as the first step once we find that we have diabetes.

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