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Exposed: Acne Treatment Scam?

Recently there has been a buzz going round the acne treatment community about Proactiv users jumping ship and choosing Exposed Skin Care instead. As Proactiv is a multi-million company and considered the US market leader, this seems surprising. So is this true? Is Exposed Skin care really better than Proactiv, or is it an exposed acne treatment scam?

The Exposed Skin approach is to use strong scientifically tested ingredients at safe levels and combine them with natural products so that you get the best of both worlds. You will find Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, Sulfur and Azealic acid in its list of ingredients, all strong scientific ingredients that have been used for years to treat acne. In addition, Exposed Skin contains natural herbal products that nourish your skin and protect it from damage.

  • Exposed Acne Treatment Scam – Is this to be believed?
  • 98% of users satisfied with Exposed Acne Treatment
  • 96% of users claim to have clearer skin after using Exposed Acne Treatment
  • Many thousands of satisfied customers worldwide
  • Clear Skin in 30 days Guaranteed! Backed by 98% Customer Satisfaction rating!

Advantages of Exposed Acne Treatment

The other advantage with Exposed Skin over most acne products is the safe amounts used in the formula. Benzoyl Peroxide for example, is potentially damaging to skin in high amounts but at low levels works very well to clear acne. Exposed skin contains 2.5% strength Benzoyl Peroxide, a low dose that is enough to clear infection without causing damage. By contrast, Proactiv and many other treatments use 6% Benzoyl peroxide as the active ingredient, which is far too strong for many skins because it causes drying, redness and peeling skin. The blend of the scientific ingredients in Exposed Skin work together to treat your skin. Salicylic acid is a mild acid that provides support to shrinking the pore size and helps unclog blocked pores. Glycolic acid although dangerous at high levels encourages the growth of collagen and new skin. Sulfur – too strong when used as a facemask alone, helps remove excess oil and Azealic acid prevents the growth of acne bacteria.

Green Tea, Passionflower Extract, Sage, Aloe Vera and Liquorice Root are all ingredients found to have anti-acne properties. Although they can stand alone for some mild conditions, when used alongside the scientific ingredients the effect is even stronger. These natural ingredients also sooth your skin and replace moisture. Exposed Skin is gentle yet strong enough to deal with the most severe acne conditions.

Exposed Skin Care Consumer Reports

Since Exposed Skin was released on the market, it has received high user ratings. Most people have seen significant improvement and some have cleared their skin completely. Customer feedback contrasts very strongly with the feedback found for Proactiv. The crucial difference is that not one person reports suffering from skin damage as a result of using Exposed Skin. Exposed Skin offers a free money back guarantee in cases of non-satisfaction so you try without risk to the health of your skin or your pocket.

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