Everything You Should Know About the Kim Kardashian Diet Pills

As science continues to improve and the world’s obesity epidemic continues to worsen, more and more diet pills are able to gain popularity. Although a famous celebrity might endorse a product, it doesn’t mean that said product is reliable and safe. Alex and me are frequently asked about the various Kim Kardashian diet pills. Are they safe and effective? Below, you will be able to find my answer.


Everyone that knows reality television knows the Kardashian sisters. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe can be seen all over the television networks advertising their dietary supplement. It was developed in 1992 and continues to gain popularity, along with some controversy, as well. It is sold in stores around the globe and promises to help you lose weight quicker than the competitor brands.

Burn and Cleanse

One form of QuickTrim that is available to everyone is the Burn & Cleanse. This weight loss supplement contains ingredients that are capable of stimulating fat burn. If you are willing to commit to consuming Burn & Cleanse for 14 days, you will lose a significant amount of weight. It is capable of detoxifying your body at night, while helping your burn extra fat calories during the day.

Dangers of Artificial Food Coloring

QuickTrim Extreme Burn contains several types of food coloring ingredients including Blue 2, Red 40, and metabromine. Not only do these artificial food colorings contain cancer-causing chemicals, but they can also trigger abnormal reactions, in individuals that suffer from allergies.

Expensive Price Tag

If you are on a strict financial budget, you may find that the Kardashian dietary supplements are a tad bit too pricey for your liking. For a 2-week supply of these products, you may end up spending around $40-$60 for one product. Many individuals will instantly be turned away, by this overly expensive cost.

QuickTrim Extreme Burn

When browsing around the Internet for this specific weight loss pill, you will find numerous advertisements and good comments. Although this information may be compelling, it should be known that no clinical information is provided. This is typically a bad sign. Another caution is the fact that no guarantee is offered, by the manufacturer. The product’s ingredients are provided and these will be listed below for your convenience.

• Caffeine Anhydrous
• Green Tea
• Cocoa Extra
• Fruit Extracts
• Raspberry Ketones
• Bioperine

Since I have a BA in Food Science and Nutrition, the list of ingredients listed above gives me grave concern. The biggest problem is that this concoction relies heavily on caffeine. Although this can definitely help your lose weight, too much caffeine can be very dangerous! Due to the high level of caffeine, it is very difficult to recommend these diet pills with a straight face.


Overall, it should be known that some of the diet pills, which are endorsed by Kim Kardashian, could be effective. Of course, they do not come without side effects and potential dangers. Therefore, they’re difficult to recommend. If you’re going to use them, you should make sure that you take heed and understand all of the potential negatives, before doing so.

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