The Edible Bird’s Nest

What are edible bird nest, and why are these becoming more and more popular among so many people? Are these benefits you can expect from eating this delicacy? Discover interesting facts about bird nests, as well as some relevant pieces of information that you may want to know about this unique delicacy often found in soups and other food items.

What You May Not Know about Bird Nest

At present, you may hear some people talk about edible bird nest for sale, and how they consider it as a delicacy worth consuming. Basically, bird nests are famous in the Chinese culture in terms of the rarity of these ingredients, as well as the exquisite flavor they contain. They are prepared for various dishes, particularly soups. In fact, bird nest is considered as a very expensive food item, which may cost about $2,500 a kilo. However, the price may be worth it since these nests come with a fascinating taste and texture that is rather extraordinary. For more than four centuries, people in China have been incorporating this ingredient in their soups and other recipes.

The nest is produced by a type of bird called a swallow or swiftlet. This bird lives mainly in caves, specifically in South Asia or Southeast Asia caves. These birds make the nest and position it at the vertical wall of the steep caves, so it can be quite dangerous and difficult for anyone to harvest these nests. Still, with the remarkable taste and medicinal qualities of the nest, it remains popular among individuals who are looking to consume a different type of food that is good for their health, as well.

Edible bird nest is mainly used in soups, which makes it a rare delicacy. Initially, the nest is soaked in water until it dissolved. Moreover, soaking also causes the nest to achieve that soft and gelatinous texture. This technique also releases the sweet taste of the nest, and it becomes a perfect ingredient for sweet tong sui. However, it is strongly advised that this nest is not mixed with ingredients that come with an oily quality or a very strong flavor as it diminishes the precious quality of the bird nest.

Aside from being used in soups, another way of cooking edible bird nest is by including it in various types of dishes. For instance, it can be combined with rice when making congee. There are also recipes that include bird nest, particularly dessert recipes. Egg tarts mixed with bird nest have that sweet and interesting taste, and the texture is also quite appealing. It is also possible to make jelly out of bird’s nest, and this is achieved by combining some sugar and water, which are mixed with the nest. These ingredients are placed in a small container made of ceramic, which is double steamed. You can even purchase jelly made of bird nest in various stores, and this food item is ready to eat for your convenience.

With the interesting flavor and texture of bird nest, it is not surprising that more and more people continue to eat this delicacy and reap health benefits from it.

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