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Eating What Our Ancestors Eat

When I was 76 and diagnosed with diabetes, they told me my life expectancy had been shortened by 15 years and there was no cure. My life expectancy was about 85 before that and with the minus 15 I was already toast. Since I am a long time researcher publisher, I got right after finding out what was going to kill me early, and head it off.

Turned out statistically, few people with diabetes die of diabetes, mostly heart attacks and a whole list of degenerative diseases. After 7 years of research, reading over 300 books, thousands of studies, and articles on the subject, new ones every day I made   major life changes as a result.

Now 83, lost and kept off 68 pounds without working at it….have the blood pressure of a 40 year old and have not had as much as a cold in 7 years, not been to a dentist in 7 years (3 root canals and several fillings the year before making changes).  Work 12 hour days and have not missed a one.

This book is to share with you a sleeper, what looks like the major reason for the degenerative diseases, (most hardly existed in 1900) that are killing 83% of Americans today. This has been almost totally overlooked by everyone else and just this one fix, (life correction) fixes all of the degenerative disease odds.

My early research indicated that indigenous societies that had never had a trace of degenerative diseases such as diabetes started developing them after 20 years of being switched to the western diet. Doctors found there was little they could do to save them on any of the degenerative diseases but noted that those that went back to their home areas and diets, (to die) most recovered.

Many told their patients, if you stay on in this hospital, there is nothing we can do for you, you will die.  You should be advised that if you go back home and take up your original diet, this seems to be the best hope for you because many that do, fully recover.

Dr. Weston Price did extensive research and writing on this with indigenous peoples all over the world during the 30’s, and you should read his book and the great web site operated by his foundation. As a result of uncovering many such explanations of the problem as being primarily the current diet is not what our body was made for.

Personally switched to what I call my ancestors diet, what I believe my ancestors ate 1,000 years ago, that is what my body was made to run on.

My book on that is called “The Ancestor Diet”, but I think we and Weston Price

missed the big issue, or at least neither of us made an issue of in writings and that is what we take up here……

The Dead Food Disaster……Turns out,  It does not make any difference what food you eat or how scientifically selected or collected and consumed, if ALL of that food you eat is DEAD food, you will only have months to live if stay exclusively on that menu.

We Need to define DEAD FOOD.

Any food processed and heated over 116 degrees, ( some say 118 degrees) is DEAD food.  When this heat or other processing kills off the natural enzymes in the food you are eating then it is referred to here as DEAD FOOD.

Got onto this originally from the South Pole expeditions that had many die after months, on certain food and not make it back on the food supplied.

Therefore subsequent expeditions had all the best experts select balanced scientifically collected food supplies (all dead food) and sent them off saying this time you will be fine.

They were no better off, and many more became gravely ill on the expedition, many died.

What you learn from this is that man can live less then a year, often only  a few months, when eating 100% nothing but “DEAD FOOD”. (and it wont matter what the food is) (or what vitamins he is taking)  He will develop a variety of ailments and die.

One expedition, I found significant was one that lost all of their food supplies and lived for six months solely on their sled dogs Pemmican food supply.

The punch line is…..They all came home perfectly healthy.

Most do not know what Pemmican is…. this one was solely Dried and powdered meat mixed back with animal fat.  It has NEVER been heated over 118 degrees and is STILL live food, and it does not spoil.  You can eat pemmican that is 20 years old, if has been kept relatively air tight.

We have a book on it, called your Ancestors Super Food, Make Pemmican.(my favorite food)

The entire American continent was mostly explored by people (including Lewis and Clark) that lived primarily on Pemmican during their explorations and when ever away from home.  Most history shows, never came down with any diseases or health problems, understand this happened because Pemmican is “LIVE”  food.

My research indicates there are many advocating going to a vegetarian diet as a way to successfully get past degenerative diseases.  This seems to work, or at least make an improvement.

Many advocates of “Live” Food as a cure all want to switch you to a vegetarian diet.

History shows you cannot survive long term on a vegetarian diet.  It works for now but they like others are missing the Dead food factor.

Switching to vegetarian makes your LIVE food percentage higher, and we find your health will be almost in direct relationship to your percentage of consuming live vs dead food.

They think the improvement is in giving up so called “evil” meat.  The improvement is likely solely from higher percentage of LIVE food.

The reason for the increase in Live food percentage, is that almost all meat is eaten cooked. (dead)  If you cut out meat you cut out a large percentage of your dead food category, and replace it with vegetables which you eat a larger percentage of live.

It would seem then you could eat Pemmican as a source of meat, which is LIVE and become a vegetarian that eats Pemmican to supply what you can only get from meat and now have most of your input Live food, since Pemmican is live food, and if eat your veggies juiced or raw be Live food big time.

Look at these diets with live food in mind and you will find “Dead food” will work for a while but only timed in months.

Out of 7 million species or whatever the number on earth, man is the only one that cooks or kills his food with heat.  He is also (outside of his domesticated animals he sentences to the same diet) the only one dying mostly from degenerative diseases.

Do you see any connection here?

Brief summary of what happens on dead food.  Your pancreas is supposedly busy making whatever necessary to rid your body of baddies that are not to your bodies advantage. It has a limited capacity.

In cooking food man kills all the enzymes that come along with the food that helps to digest it.

Therefore your pancreas is busy around the clock practically trying to make the enzymes necessary to digest “cooked enzymes less food”.

In older people this may not be able to keep up and you have digestion problems.

Getting energy supply is priority and the immune system gets taken care of only if time and capacity.

Often not and the invader takes over.

The person on mostly dead food is as a result ill far more often then one on live food that has nearly 100% of equipment available to fix anything threatening survival.

After reading a lot of studies on the subject confirming this, I ran across one from the 1930’s and it was on Dr. Pottenger and his 900 cats over a ten year period.

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