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Doctors Speak Out About Bios Life

Read and hear what a few Bios Life customers and the medical professionals who recommend our products have to say about Bios Life Complete and Bios Life Slim. “In all my years of practice I have never seen an all-natural product that is even remotely as effective as Bios Life for its preventative Health Care potential. I feel that Bios Life should be taken by everyone who has the wisdom to understand that the best way to treat a disease is to prevent it.” – Dr. Gerald Bresnahan MDChief of Cardiology, Internal

Medicine listens to Dr. Bresnahan talk about Bios Life: “For eleven years, I have struggled with diabetes. I have had seven eye surgeries, have lost my left eye, and have diminished vision in my right eye due to diabetic retinopathy. In July of last year, I was taking 220 units of insulin a day. I had gained 50 pounds and still had blood sugar levels running from 190 to 390. My doctor took me off insulin and started me on maximum doses of Glucophage and Amaryl. After several months, he told me these drugs were not working. I was scared.

Meanwhile my business partner told me about a nonprescription, natural product that was helping other people control their blood sugar levels. At this point, what did I have to lose? I took a packet of BiosLife and a list of ingredients to my endocrinologist. He said, “There is nothing in this that can hurt you.” On January 9th I started taking Bios Life® while on Amaryl and Glucophage with no insulin. In less than one week, my blood sugar was 153, in two weeks under 100 and has had blood sugar readings of less than 80. I reduced the Glucophage by 2/3 and Amaryl to 1/2 of the original dose So far, I have lost 32 pounds.

My last examination by my eye surgeon showed no new leakage and no new bleeding in my eyes. I am saving the vision I have left. I needed a miracle and I thank God for guiding me to this.” – Dick B. “I shared the information of Bios Life Slim with Gina, a friend of mine. Her dad, Peter, is very compromised with diabetes and cholesterol problems, along with a few other medical (respiratory problems).

Peter started using Bios Life Slim on June 3rd, 2010. He had elevated LDL (bad cholesterol) his good cholesterol HDL was not high enough. His triglycerides were also elevated. The cardiologist wanted to start him on a statin drug — maybe Lipitor or something similar. His daughter said absolutely not because Peter is already on too many drugs.

They called me and he got started. Peter is a diabetic and is overweight. His sugars were normally above 300 with a huge amount of insulin being taken daily (100 units 2 times per day) along with a sliding scale in between.

Peter had blood work done on June 17th and he got his results yesterday. It was just 2 weeks on the product and all of his cholesterol levels are now within the normal range, and his sugars are now below 200 (with an average of 170). His doctor is pleased, and even cut his insulin in half!

And Peter never took any Statin drugs. Gotta Love It!” – Theresa Truhe, Registered Nurse

“Being able to reduce body size, reduce blood lipids, and reduce blood glucose… Bios Life Slim is a complete package for my patients with diabetes.” – Judy Gilman, RN, FNP-BC, CDE – Family Nurse Practitioner/Diabetes Educator

“I’m a pharmacist and diabetes educator in St. Petersburg, Florida, and have had approximately eight years experience using Bios Life with my Diabetic patients. Typically, most people think Bios Life will only help Type 2 Diabetics. However, I’ve found a greater benefit from using it with patients with Type 1 Diabetes., and that is simply because of the ability of Bios Life to level the blood sugar.” – Dave J.Listen to Dr. Stephen Bloom, MD, a family practice physician in Boca Raton, FL, as he discusses Bios Life and his Diabetic patients.

“When I started taking BiosLife on the recommendation of my physician in February, my weight was 225 and my fasting blood sugar readings were 220 to 240, and that was while taking 58 units of insulin in the morning and 48 in the evening. As of April my weight is 202 (a 23 pound loss) and my fasting blood sugar readings are now 76 to 95. I only take 20 units of Insulin in the morning and 15 in the evening to maintain those readings. Best of all, I don’t have to starve myself to do this. Unicity saved my life.” – H. Ralph S.

“After 90 Days I am down 16.5 lbs and lost 20″ of fat. I am no longer taking Glyboride for my diabetes, and my A1C is down from 6.4 to 5.9!” – Sonya Withrow

“My stepdaughter has been battling Diabetes for the last several years (diagnosed at 21 – now 34). Last Labor Day, she was hospitalized for a week. Her cholesterol was high, and the doctor told her if it was still high when she got her next test, he was going to put her on meds. So she asked to try Bios Life. Today she called me with these staggering results: Cholesterol 352 down to 191 – HA1C 15 down to 7. 9 – HDL 39. 2 up to 59 – LDL 244 down to 104. Triglycerides from 344 down to 140. Her doctor was astounded at the changes. He said the meds could not have done this well.” – Brenda GHear what Dr. Walt Flora has to say about Bios Life and blood sugar levels.

“As an M.D., my attention was really captured in January of 1994 when I had a patient who had an MI the previous month. The patient was up to 400 pounds in weight and was being crippled by shortness of breath upon exertion with symptoms of heart failure, low back pain. It was just getting very difficult for him to do anything. He began on the Bios Life product. In two months, he had a dramatic drop in weight. His cholesterol went from about 230 to 185; his back pain went away, and his energy level increased. He’s continued on the product, and over the past year has lost 90 pounds, and still losing. It really converted me that these products do work. Soon after, I tried it on another patient who was a maturity-onset diabetic. She had been working with me for the past year with oral medications. I tried to help her with her blood sugar, sending her to the dietician to get instruction, but failing to get her blood sugars to be much below 300.

Finally, as a last resort, I said, “Well, I’ve heard Bios Life may help control your diabetes. It’s kind of a last resort. If it doesn’t work, we’ve got to put you on insulin.” I put her on Bios Life. She came back in a month, starting to have low blood sugar spells because her medication was too strong. Looking at her home record, her blood sugars had dropped to the lower 100’s within two weeks of starting the Bios Life. I cut her medication in half, and she came back in a month, still with perfect blood sugars. We were able to get her off her medication and she’s continued with Bios Life only. And after two months, I quit her home monitoring because her blood sugars were normal. As a side benefit, she’s lost 40 pounds, and I don’t know how long it’ll be before she ever has to do anything else about her diabetes — as long as she takes Bios Life.” – Dr. Richard Hill, Blackfoot, Idaho

“Because of my clinical findings I have integrated Bios Life in my treatment of Diabetes and cholesterol.” – Vince Duenas, M.D.I have been on Bios Slim for 8 weeks and I’m totally sold on the product. I was on dialysis from 2001 – Sept 2008. When I received my kidney transplant I had no energy at all and my glucose levels were erratic — averaging 300+ levels daily.

Today on Bios Slim, my A1C (3-month average blood sugar level) has dropped from 10.5 to 7.1, and now my glucose levels run 90 -120 daily. I’m also experiencing a boost of energy, and my blood pressure is down to 120/70.

On top of all of that, my cholesterol levels have come down from 218 to 117.

For all the skeptics, Bios Life Slim was cleared for me to take by both my diabetic and kidney doctors.

I now have the energy to share quality time with what matters the most: “My Family”! I can even keep up with my 3-year old grandson! -Richard Cortez

“My practice is a mental health outpatient clinic, and I have training in mental health and pediatrics. I love all of these products. I especially like the Bios Life because it stabilizes blood sugar, hypoglycemia issues. A good friend of mine who is a nurse, asked me to review the products for herself, and after I looked at them in the first review, I thought this would absolutely fit in my practice.

I do a lot of natural alternative kinds of things with people, and I’m always trying to work to get people off medication. So this was a given for my practice. Personally, I love the Bios Life because it has stabilized by blood sugar, I have lost 25 pounds, and it’s lowered my cholesterol 60 points. These all wonderful products.” – Dr. Caroline Ryser, Kansas City, Missouri

“Because of its stabilizing effect on blood sugar, Bios Life® is a product I recommend to all my patients with Diabetes or Pre-diabetes.” – Dr. Stewart Lonky, M.D

“In July I became ill and was admitted to our local hospital. It was discovered that I was a severe diabetic. At that time my blood sugar level was 314 before my evening meal and 569 directly after. My cholesterol was 259 and my triglycerides were 429. I was given an impossible diet and released from the hospital ten days later. My medication included Proventil by inhaler for my asthmatic condition, Seldane for allergies and the insulin which I gave myself by injection two or three times daily.

Then a miracle happened to me. My nephew introduced me to BiosLife. Within two weeks I was able to reduce my insulin intake by half and kept reducing it for the following three months until my doctor said, “Congratulations, your blood sugar level is normal!” But that’s not all. My cholesterol fell to 186 (73 point drop) and my triglycerides fell to 183 (246 point drop). I no longer use the Proventil or the Seldane. I have lost over 50 pounds. Thank God for Unicity.” – Mary H. H.

“I’ve been in practice for 13 years and I’ve always been interested in preventive medicine, wellness and optimal health. I’ve been able to accomplish some of my goals through educating patients and doing nutritional and exercise counseling. When I was introduced to the Rexall products just a few short months ago, I realized that this could add another dimension to what I was offering my patients.

I had another distinct opportunity with a product that was very unique that could help my patients with their weight loss, lowering cholesterol, improving their health and becoming optimally healthy. My most dramatic results have been with my diabetic patients. I’ve put several new diabetic patients on the weight management program and with the Bios Life product. I feel that their blood sugars have come under control very quickly with levels of 270 and 390 being cut in half in seven to ten days–normalizing in four to six weeks. I’ve also seen dramatic improvements in weight lost, but it is slow and gradual, which is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. I plan to continue to recommend these products to my patients as a wonderful alternative to help them become optimally healthy.” – Dr. Nancy Russell, Kansas City, Missouri

My mother threw out every objective possible to keep from purchasing Bios Life Slim. She has severe diabetes that has never been controlled. She also has heart disease.

Well after one week on Bios Life Slim, her blood sugar as been normalized — especially during the evenings which in the past has been her most critical time.

Today, she’s ordering another box of Slim! – Rolanda Brown

More Doctors Speak Out – As we previously mentioned, 70% of all Diabetics die from heart disease or stroke. Heart disease starts when the arteries harden and become narrow. This blockage in the heart’s arteries is primarily caused by cholesterol buildup. Listen to what a few more Doctors have to say about Bios Life, cholesterol, and Diabetes.

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