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How are Our Digestive System and Yoga Keep Us Young?


As we age, changes take place in our bodies. Often we find ourselves slowing down considerably. In this report we will discover ways to help ourselves turn back the clock a bit and enjoy a much longer, healthier and more active life.

Relationship of GI health to longevity

The gastrointestinal (or GI) system holds a major key to living healthy and living longer. The GI system is the way in which our bodies process the foods that we eat.

Our GI system can be thrown out of whack, either by poor diet, illness, excessive amounts of parasites or other similar causes. Whatever the cause, it has a number of effects on our overall health. It can cause us to be generally slow and sluggish, which most people might not even realize is a major problem, but GI problems can affect not only quality of life, but also quantity. GI issues can lower our overall immune systems and cause us to get sick easier and stay sick longer than we normally would. In some cases, it can even make us more susceptible to potentially life-threatening issues, like pneumonia. In short, if our GI system is not processing foods properly then our bodies can retain toxins, build up gases and become completely inefficient.

The good news is that many GI problems can be avoided completely, or treated after the fact, through a number of different techniques. Depending on the situation, it could be as simple as changing our diets, lowering our stress levels or taking vitamin supplements. These simple steps can improve our quality and quantity of life quite a bit.

How regular practice of yoga prolongs life

Yoga is an excellent way for us to reduce the effects of aging on our bodies. In fact, the entire yoga philosophy revolves around the idea that our flexibility helps to determine our age, not the actual number of years that we’ve been alive.

Experts say that yoga helps to improve our flexibility, relieve stress and tension and even that it can help to prevent wrinkles by tightening up our skin. That’s right, a face lift is not our only option, we could do some relaxing yoga instead.

Also, those of us who do yoga generally do not have any of the bad habits that can cause us to age faster, such as smoking or drinking excessively.

Since yoga relieves stress and strengthens our bodies, it naturally follows that it makes us feel younger, more alert, raises our mental capabilities and boosts our immune system. Having a healthy immune system, in turn, means that we get common illnesses, like colds, less often and, when we do get sick, we usually don’t stay sick as long as we might otherwise. Yoga also helps to prevent us from getting other, more serious, illnesses.

Another great benefit of yoga is that it can even improve our vision and hearing. How does it do that, you ask? That’s simple! Our vision and hearing depend quite a bit on how well our blood supply is getting to our eyes and ears. That blood supply to come up through our necks. The problem is, as we age our body loses flexibility inside and out so our necks can constrict and block off the blood flow in spots. This can make it harder for our eyes and ears to work properly. Exercising with yoga techniques can help to increase the entire body’s flexibility, including in our necks, and make us able to hear and see better.

We’ve all heard the statement “A healthy body is a happy body.” Well, it’s true! By doing yoga our bodies get healthier and we will be feeling happier and more energetic all the time. This is just an added benefit of yoga.

Besides yoga, other forms of meditation, stress reduction and exercise can also help us to live longer and feel better as well. The effect of a steam room on the skin

Steam rooms have a number of wonderful benefits, especially for our skin, that help to reduce signs of aging.

Steam rooms cause us to sweat quite a bit. Many of us often think of sweating as a negative thing. It invokes feelings of being dirty or smelling bad in many of us. However, sweat is actually an amazing process which is incredibly helpful to our bodies.

For one thing, sweating is how we humans regulate our body temperature. If we can’t sweat we become more prone to heat sickness, heat exhaustion and other illnesses.

When we use a steam room, we sweat. Sweating opens up the pours in our skin and helps to get rid of all sorts of build-up of debris and dead skin cells that can accumulate over time. As a result, steam rooms can be even more beneficial for people with certain forms of chronic skin conditions, such as acne.

Another benefit of a steam room for our skin is that the heat from the steam room can actually increase the circulation of our blood. That process can actually invigorate our skin and make it much healthier, which is also where a “healthy glow” comes from. This happens because more oxygen and nutrients are moved out to the surface of our skin. This also helps to increase collagen production in our skin cells.

Collagen is a very important building block in our bodies. It helps bone strength, determines cell shapes and helps blood vessels to heal wounds in our bodies. Collagen also partially helps with the strength and elasticity of our skin. As mentioned earlier, elasticity and strength of our skin affects things like wrinkles. The healthier your collagen levels, the more your risk of wrinkles can be reduced.

It’s also certainly worth noting that steam rooms can help to reduce our over-all stress levels. When we are under constant stress our bodies tend to age faster and we tend to get more problems, such as wrinkles and bags under our eyes. Steam rooms are an excellent way to take a moment and remove some stress from our lives. What to do about drooping eyelids

As we age, our eyelids can droop in a variety of ways. Our lower eyelids may droop away from our eyeball (ectropion) or they may droop toward the eyeball and make our eye lashes get in our eyes. That condition is called entropion and can be extremely uncomfortable. Our upper eyelids can also droop, which is called ptosis, and that can cause our eyes to become red, irritated, itchy and uncomfortable, as well as making it hard for us to see.

Drooping eyelids can be caused by a lot of medical problems, like diabetes, or they can just happen as we age. They are caused mainly by the muscles around our eyes getting weaker.

The best way for us to limit the risk of drooping eyelids is to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating properly, avoiding bad habits, such as smoking and just generally taking a proactive stance, rather than having to react after the fact.

The yoga and steam room techniques previously mentioned can also help to reduce the risk of drooping eyelids.

If, on the other hand, we already have problems with our eyelids drooping then our best option for fixing it is surgery. Surgery to correct drooping eyelids is almost always successful, but it’s always better to avoid needing the surgery in the first place. Alternatively, our eyes can also be taped open for a time to try to reduce effects or we can get specialized glasses.

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