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Differin Review

Differin is an American prescription acne treatment made by pharmaceutical giant Galderma that should only be used under medical supervision. It is a retinoid acne treatment that is often prescribed by US doctors.

Differin is also known as Adapalene, the name that it is better known as in the UK. It is available under prescription in the UK.

What is Differin?

Differin or Adapalene is a topical skin treatment that comes in either cream or gel form. It gets deep into pores to help clear the acne you have and help keep new acne from starting. The ingredients work under the skin’s surface at the source of the problem. Adapalene is the generic name for the treatment.

Adapalene works by reducing the production of sebum, the oily substance produced by the skin. Sebum can block pores leading to spots, blackheads and inflammation.

Retinoids are a class of chemical compounds that are related chemically to vitamin A and are used in acne treatment because of the way they regulate the growth and repair of tissue.

How to use Differin

To use you simply apply the gel or cream to the affected area according to your doctor’s directions. Most usually, this is two to three times a day but this may be reduced in cases of skin sensitivity. You should be careful about using Differin or Adapalene with other medication and avoid strong astringents or soaps that may react with the product.

Differin or Adapalene works for mild to moderate acne condition and many consumers have been satisfied with the product. It is unsuitable for use by people with sensitive skin or eczema.

Differin side effects

There are side effects associated with the use of Adapalene or Differin. These include redness, itching, swelling, a burning sensation, blistering crusting or the skin peeling after use. If you experience these side effects, you should consult your doctor.

Many users who have completed the treatment have excessive flaking skin and redness. Therefore, although it may help cure your acne, otherwise it has a detrimental effect upon your skin.  With over the counter acne treatments, such as Exposed Skin Care and Clear Skin Max available that are gentle to your skin and treat the causes of acne, it is hard to make a case for choosing Differin.

Differin … Verdict

Differin is safer for use than the stronger Isotretinoin and is an acne treatment that may be prescribed by your doctor but it should not be used without medical supervision.

Differin is a strong acne treatment that will do some damage to your skin and will upset the PH levels. It will work for some cases but mild or moderate acne sufferers may find a better alternative is a more natural course of acne treatment that will be kinder on the skin.

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