DietCard: 10 Miracle Diet Secrets

Your arrival at our doorstep may have come after a long journey, or you may be contemplating a health and reduction program for the very first time.  Whatever your personal circumstance, we are both pleased and thrilled to say your search for the “Diet of Diets” has come to an end.

Acquiring these ten simple keys and putting them to use may prove to be the best investment in your health you ever make.

We will assume that you have two things in common with other visitors.  One, the quest for a permanent solution to a weight control problem; and two, the desire not only to feel, but to be healthy.

Please understand that we were once where you are now.  All four of us know what you are struggling with.  We are diet cycle graduates, having had the unenviable experience of spending thousands of dollars on over sixty-seven diets during our weight loss cycle years.  We are pleased that you have found this site, and thrilled because you are about to be presented with an answer that will astonish you in its simplicity.

Now let’s face the facts.  It’s no secret that a proper diet and exercise are your two best allies in the ‘Battle of the Bulge’.  Everyone knows this (and quite frankly you are probably tired of hearing it by now).  With today’s lifestyles however, what you really want to know is where is the one single method of reduction out there, better than the others.  Busy lives filled with time constraints and tight schedules demand one effective formula:  Fast reduction, practical application, permanent results, and safe.

After seven years of dietary research, DietCard has emerged as the ultimate solution for healthy weight management.   The Difference?   Our Promise?

You will end the diet cycle NOW…………FOREVER

This is the plan you will want to follow

You will melt away those extra pounds quickly and safely, while saying good-bye to:

  • Having to keep a count of the daily calories and carbohydrates you consume
  • Continuing to spend hard-earned money on costly food supplements and diet pills
  • Following complicated recipes and strenuous, time consuming exercise programs
  • Experiencing those continuing, annoying cravings and that ‘diet hunger’ feeling

How is this at all possible? Sound too good to be true?

The Internal Aptitude

Do you know the body has been endowed with the natural tools necessary to dissolve unwanted pounds of fat?   Well…’s true.   As true as its understanding to heal a cut on a finger, or to mend a broken bone.   As true as its ability to store a fat molecule.

This hidden mechanism is well within your grasp.   All you need is direction on how to tap its true potential.

Metabolism, the buzz word of the Health and Fitness age.  The word seems to pop up in discussions, and literature everywhere.  Health and Nutrition shops rely on the word more and more in their marketing and promotions.  We all have a metabolism, and you know some of our metabolisms are better than others. “I know I don’t eat any more than my friend does. So why is it that I seem twice her size?”

There may be a few reasons.  The main one though, is the difference in metabolism efficiency. Some background info:

Our bodies are a complex array of biochemical reactions, the sum total of which is called the metabolism.  There are two categories of metabolism.  The Anabolic is the ‘building’ process -manufacturing hormones, generating blood cells, and building muscle and tissue.  The Catabolic is the ‘breaking down’ of substances in the body such as fat, carbohydrate, and protein molecules during digestion.

The metabolic rate is the degree to which these two perform.  An increase in the metabolic level means a rise in the body’s thermal temperature and energy levels, and a higher calorie demand.

Calories are not your enemy

The furnace for all of your daily activity has to be fueled, and that comes from calories.  Our base metabolism (or Basel metabolism) needs a minimum of 1200 calories a day.  That’s just enough to keep the old heart pumping and the rest of the muscles and organs functioning properly.   Basel metabolism accounts for approximately 75% of the calories we expend on a daily basis and its metabolic rate is proportional to the body’s muscle mass and digestive proficiency.

So what are your choices?  Limiting yourself to less than 1200 calories a day can cause serious damage, so you will want to rule that one out.  You can track your daily caloric intake and deny yourself anything over the 1200 per day minimum.  That sounds like fun.   Or you can join that elite group of people (like your friend) whose Basel metabolisms require significantly more than the 1200 calories per day minimum.

FACT:   Diets That Focus On Weight Loss Don’t Work

We shrink fat cells, but we lose muscle!  Those Crash Weight loss diets out there result in three quarters fat loss and one quarter muscle loss.  Not only does your system’s metabolism slow down, but you have lost muscle, and muscle is ‘metabolically active’.  A pound of muscle burns approximately fifty calories a day compared to two calories a day for a pound of fat.   Do you know that those professional body builders you see consume thousands of calories a day?

Side Note:  Consider beginning a weight training program to increase (tone) your overall muscle mass.  Age, gender, disability, -almost everyone can weight train; and no, you do not have to ‘bulk up’.  Muscle toning simply involves less resistance and more repetitions.

It’s Six Point Plan:

  • Recondition the Digestive System
  • Recondition the Elimination Process
  • Power Tune the Anabolic Metabolism
  • Power Tune the Catabolic Metabolism
  • Increase the Basel Metabolism
  • Improve muscle tone and circulatory intelligence


Yes it’s true!  In fact, as mentioned earlier, rather than following a collection of calorie conscious recipes and denying yourself, we encourage you to eat, and to eat often.  We are blessed with the ability to physically appreciate many different foods.  Our makeup is designed for variety.

DietCard secrets are all natural.  Some are subtle changes included in day-to day activity.  Others are based in part, on the common food groups – foods we eat every day.  Some of the secrets are found in the timely utilization of specific foods, as well as in the food group combinations themselves. DietCard solves the body’s fat problem biologically rather than chemically, leaving you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day.  Your system will soon recognize the change in your eating habits by relaxing the ‘conserve’ (starvation) mode it has held on to for so long.  Now during any physical activity, Fat cell walls begin to open, and drain into the bloodstream.

Equally as important, your Basel metabolic level now begins to rise, directing new (ingested) fat to the muscles to be burned off, instead of replenishing the cells themselves. DietCard is easy to learn and easy to use.  The ten secrets are explained in point form and are systematically set for your day.  The plan takes approximately ten minutes to learn, and can be employed immediately.

With today’s busy life-styles, diet flexibility is premium.   DietCard makes it easy to follow.  So easy in fact, that you will most likely want to continue with many of the secrets long after your goal has been reached.


Yes it is possible, though 10 lbs. a month is probably more realistic.  Either way, DietCard provides you with the tools necessary to lose those unwanted pounds of fat quickly, efficiently and safely.

For some of you, it’s time to bid a final farewell to those few stubborn pounds that until now, have been impossible to be rid of.


“Oh my achin’ back”  “I feel logy”  “I’m so tired”  “My stomach”…..

Sound familiar?  Well over 50% of the American population over the age of 20, has a weight problem.  Besides the physical discomfort, overweight and obesity puts us at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and other chronic diseases and problems.  But you’ve heard all of this before…

The point is, we cannot go about our daily tasks such as work, play, or loving our children effectively if we don’t feel that well.  Perhaps think of it in this way, – our lives can be viewed as a series of choices.  Our Mental, Physical and Spiritual health is the foundation, the core, having great influence over all of the choices we make.

Aside from what we are personally given (physical makeup) to work with, the choices we make, in turn, define our Mental, Physical and Spiritual health.

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