Diabetics Getting Younger

Diabetes is striking at the heart of the population, our next generation and it is becoming a series disease that all individuals must pay attention. Most of the population understands that diabetes is a cause and effect through the correlation between diet and exercise. Yet, even with this knowledge individuals and families still go about their personal business without a second thought until they received a diabetes diagnosis.

The lack of exercise, over eating, inconsistent meal times, living an unhealthy lifestyle and heredity all are factors contributing to more individuals receiving a diagnosis of diabetes. Today the medical community notices a drastic move to younger individuals more so than older individuals do. Searching for the common dominator to pin point the cause and effect has long been in the works. The medical community today is concluding it is a cause and effect of the common lifestyle all individuals are sharing today.

Individual children at one time spent many hours a day playing, walking and sometimes hiking outdoors as this was and still is a form of exercising. Today though far too many children are receiving a diagnosis of diabetes and undergoing diabetes treatments. Perhaps the cause is remaining indoors for too many hours and playing with computer games where only the mind and the fingers are receiving the necessary exercise. It is the body that needs the regular rejuvenation of activity and children today are clueless to the world that resides on the other side of the door.

Children who are already having difficult with blood circulation or respiratory difficulties this is a sign of a pending problem down the road. When the glucose is improperly utilizing it would remain in the blood as sugar. When the glucose sugar level in the body rises too a high peaked level the individual probably has type-2 diabetes. This leaves the child with the unlikely possibility of susceptibility to a heart attack, stroke, and other maladies that children generally are free.

Really this is such a travesty to raise an entire generation of young children with unwholesome fast foods filled with oils and salts that such young formative bodies are not ready. The days of staying home and having a home cooked meal that is balancing with vegetables and fruits seem to pass in favor of the fast food restaurants. On the surface there is nothing wrong with a quick hamburger, chicken, or frankfurter, but this is not to be the steady stream it has become today. An overabundance of anything is not a good thing. High blood sugar symptoms will soon surface in the young individuals and after receiving a diagnosis of diabetes from the family medical physician the family will return to more stay at home balanced foods. The causes of diabetes are all around on a daily basis and it is shameful more parents refuse to see what is happening with their children.

Changing the diet to a diabetes meal and including a regular exercising program will be more beneficial than any diabetes medications the child can subscribe to during the coming years. Instead of a steady diet of fast foods, wholesome grains, green vegetables and plenty of assorted fruits is so much better for the young children with young developing bodies. Their bodies need plenty of wholesome nourishment, not grease, and salt to help their individual systems grow healthy and strong.

Society needs for more adults, parents, and perhaps teachers to be more aware of what is happening to our children and include more playtimes during the school hours. Parents can plan outdoor activities and share with their children the games or walks as a family outing to encourage the children to exercise is any form. There are diabetic products in the form of carry foods that parents can encourage their children to carry along instead of reaching for cupcakes, wrapped pies, and other more enticing foods.

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