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Diabetic Recipes Worth Trying

Diabetes and obesity are two related diseases which forced the patient to adhere to proper nutrition. Nutritionists have developed a special week-long diet, which combines diet for obese patients and diabetes. Diabetics should monitor the carbohydrates that are easily digested, and the need to make changes.

Diet in diabetes mellitus is not possible without the use of sugar substitutes. Therefore, the use of sugar substitutes in the treatment of diabetes, which are virtually indistinguishable in taste, but do not raise blood glucose is the most justifiable measure in this situation.

Sugar substitutes in the treatment of diabetes can be divided into two groups (the degree of participation and tolerance of an organism).

The first group included xylitol and sorbitol, and fructose. These sweeteners are produced from vegetable raw material.

General characteristics of diets:

  • a diet with reduced fat (mostly animal), and carbohydrates from the physiological norm of vitamins and minerals.
  • In the diet include a variety of products.
  • Excludes sugar, jam, confectionery and other foods that contain lots of sugar.
  • Sugar substitute Xylitol, Sorbitol, aspartame.
  • Main dishes cooked in boiled or baked form.
  • Eating 5-6 times.

Diabetes is not a disease but a way of life. If your endocrinologist appointed insulin, then it’s time to deal with the introduction of insulin through injections. Your willingness and independence play an important role in managing your diabetes.


Children below 12 years old are not allowed to administer their own insulin shot; also those with visual impairments, as well as physically handicapped and mentally retarded patients with diabetes mellitus. In these cases, injections must be made by medical staff only.

Below are some recipes that diabetics can add to their daily menu.

Simple Vinaigrette


  • Potato – 50 g
  • Beetroot – 75 g
  • Cucumbers – 75 g
  • Apples – 75 g
  • Carrot – 35 g
  • Onion – 20 g
  • Vegetable oil (sour cream or mayonnaise) – 10 g

Cooking: Boil separately beets, potatoes and carrots, cool and remove skin, chop finely. Clear apples, onions and pickles, finely chop. Mix all.



  • Meat – 120 g
  • Green peas – 150 g
  • Cabbage – 200 g
  • Butter – 10 g

Cooking: Cook the meat, then pour the broth. Prepare cabbage and peas, stew, adding a fill. Pour remaining liquid in the meat and simmer until done, before you apply to the table – season with melted butter, add finely chopped greens.

Omelette with Boiled Meat


  • Eggs – 2 pcs
  • Meat – 80 g
  • Butter – 10 g
  • Green – 5 g green

Cooking: Eggs are broken and add milk, salt the, boil the meat and cut into small cubes, mix with eggs and milk, pour the mix to the omelet in a pan and fry in boiling oil. Serve with greens, finely chopped.

Delicious Meat Salad


  • Meat – 100 g
  • Potatoes, fresh – 100 g
  • Cabbage white – 50 g
  • Tomatoes – 1-2 pieces

Milk Curds with Herbs


  • Quark – 150-170 g
  • Milk – ½ cup
  • Xylitol – 5 g
  • Green – 3 g

Cooking: Prepare cream cheese, very carefully mix it with milk, then add xylitol. Serve sprinkled with herbs.

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