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How Diabetic Meal Delivery Can Improve Your Health?

Are you a diabetic thinking about trying a meal delivery service? Wondering if it’s worth it?

Diabetics face a constant challenge to eat healthy and control their blood sugars. It can get tiring and add a lot of extra stress to your life. Having meals prepared for you can help lighten the load and even help you extend your life.

Here are 3 Benefits you’ll get by using a diabetic meal delivery service:

#1 Better Blood Sugar Control

Many of the meals on these plans are lower in carbs – which means they don’t raise your blood sugar as much. This means better blood sugar control overall. The meals also tend to be lower on the glycemic index which will help your insulin better handle the rise in blood sugar and again, keep blood sugars stable. It has been proven that better blood sugar control means a lower chance of diabetic complications like kidney disease, eye problems, dementia and nerve damage.

#2 Top Up Low Vitamin/Mineral Stores

Diabetics are like everyone else – they don’t always eat fresh, natural foods. However, they tend to be lower in a lot of fundamental vitamins and minerals (for a number of reasons like stress and high blood sugars). But many diabetic meal delivery services focus on fresh ingredients, lots of veggies and even free-range, hormone-free meat (like Bistro MD). So it’s a great way to continually flood your body with fresh food that’s high in natural vitamins and minerals.

#3 Easier to Lose Weight

When you’re a diabetic, your insulin levels are high – so it can be very difficult to lose weight (insulin is a fat-storing hormone). But every doctor will tell you (if you’re type 2 diabetic) that if you want to be healthy and even reduce your medications – the number one thing you must do is lose weight. So it becomes a vicious cycle. You can’t lose weight because of the diabetes – but you need to lose weight to improve the diabetes.

That’s where a meal delivery service can help. Many of these services, like Diet To Go for example, are also designed to help diabetics lose weight. And that can again mean better blood sugars and loser risk of complications.

So where can you find Diabetic meals delivered? Here are 3 options:

Diet To Go: This is a general diet meal delivery service that is diabetic-friendly. I especially like their low carb meal plan as it keeps carbs to under 30 a day – so it’s very easy to keep your blood sugars in check.

Magic Kitchen:  A general meal delivery service, Magic Kitchen has a special section for diabetic meal delivery. You can order meals a la carte in 2 or 4 serving packages. You can also view the nutritional information of each meal before you buy (and see if it’s low carb, low fat, vegetarian, low salt, etc.)

Nutrisystem D:  While these aren’t necessarily fresh, gourmet meals, the Nutrisystem D program offers a diabetic-specialized weight loss program with prepackaged meals and online support. It’s also much cheaper than many meal delivery programs – coming around $10 a day. So if you really want to lose weight and start seeing the benefits of a slimmer body on your health this may be an option for you.

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