Dead Food and Pancreas Problem – Part 2

Of interest to diabetics is that almost all of the digestive enzymes are 100% produced by the pancreas. Over 95% of your pancreas production devoted to producing digestive enzymes. Under 5% to Insulin, glycogen.

Not fully done researching this yet but want to bring you some observations of some of the people that did extensive studies on “Dead Food” (cooked affect). Understanding the effect of many switching over the years to higher and higher per cent of dead food, vs. live food,

previous article on the cat study and others since show that 100% dead food or near 90% up Dead will have a disastrous effect on health that multiplies by generation accumulated damage  and is definitely handed down to next generation, where if dead food diet continued health worsens even further.  This explains why succeeding generations of eating habits result in an inherited decline in family health, for those that continued their parents diet habits (percentage of dead food) or as is happening now with an ever increased percentage of dead food.

It appears that you have a certain capacity for producing digestive enzymes. Ancestors ate 100% raw food that carried its own digestive enzymes.  Anything heated past 116 degrees has lost its enzymes and referred to now as “Dead Food”.

Pasteurized milk is a dead food, yogurt is made from pasteurized milk but has a live culture predigested protein so is listed as a live food.

Your ancestors used every bit of production for immune system functions, the 64 enzymes flowing keeping down build up in your plumbing etc.

Biggest disclosure that rang my bell was on the first logical explanation of allergies that I have run across that really explains it. Allergies have had no explanation that worked for me, and allergies are becoming more and more of a common problem.  That large increase is of recent origin. When you have a healthy supply of your natural body enzymes, the immune system white blood cells can break down the allergen and just be rid of it.

When your enzymes are tied up in digesting dead food, they are not available. Therefore, when my dog gets red eyes, from allergy, best bet is get him off of cooked canned dead food and feed him a larger percentage of raw food.

Red eyes are not natural; they are a sign of something being done wrong.  This case we have an explanation, of cause and fix. Traditional would be to take him to the vet, get a chemical prescription to help relieve his allergy and possibly cause a whole new set of problems.

That is the traditional “deal with Symptoms,” never the cause. Airborne allergies they note are usually tied to excessive sugar, which of course describes a diabetics body.  These high sugar people have usually depleted an enzyme called Amylase, which is a histamine blocker.   Therefore, in addition to allergies, you can call many illnesses, a shortage of enzymes, from an overabundance of cooked food and not enough to cover digestion of that high a % of dead food and also cover the traditional body needs, both. One interesting notation, one study noted that participants who ate totally cooked food where usually tired after eating where as those eating similar raw food were not tired. The big thing that is to be noted from the studies on cooked food is that degenerative do it to yourself diseases, that have been hard to explain, why have they exploded faster and faster since 1900, whereas almost of unheard of before.

Studies show greatly increased degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer etc. when a large percentage of your diet is dead food.  (Partly due to decrease production as you age).  This explains high rates of inflammation which seems to be a part of these auto immune diseases.

Turns out…..Enzymes are the real key to your survival system.

Enzymes, initiate, speed up, or slow down or totally stop all body biochemical processes. We are reading here, 85% of diabetic are expected to die of heart disease. Noted in the dead food related studies an abundance of fungal digestive overgrowth was noted.  This is explained as when you are getting older and no longer produce enough of some enzymes, digestion is not completed fully and it is the undigested food that fungal overgrowths thrive on. (Bacteria, prefers live, fungal dead cells.)

The information needed next is how to cut down the amount of dead food eaten and greatly increase the percentage of “live food” on your menu.

You Only Need to Eat Half as Much Raw Food as Cooked Food to Retain the Same Nutrients

The more live food you eat, the less you will be driven to keep eating to find the nutrients you need to survive, and were not getting enough of.

Many vegetables, for example tests show have only half the nutrients the same vegetable had in the super market in 1950, Farmers used to manure fertilize and restore their land, with elements lost, now they drive more and more quantity of crops from the same land with nitrogen fertilizer made from petroleum.

Therefore each year, food raised on that land has less and less of the standard nutrients normally derived from that food. It might be called “half Dead, live food.”

You are better to find local produce raised in the traditional non-mass produced methods, not the usual picked green and shipped in.

“Organic” term only means no chemicals or hormones sprayed on or fed it.

You have in the past kept eating more and more, even eating dead food trying to get what nutrients your body’s operating system knows you need to survive.

The older you get, the more you need live food, full nutrient food since you no longer are able to make the high levels of both the enzymes, and the immune system’s anti-bodies in amounts needed, both from the pancreas. As you get older, you no longer fully assimilate all of your food as you once did.

You Will Likely Not Make It Six Months On 100% Dead Food. Some Illness Will Incapacitate You.

The higher the percentage of “Live Food”, the better the odds to regain max health. Diabetes, obesity and other degenerative diseases normally considered happens 20 years after indigenous societies totally free of diabetes, etc. are switched to a Western Diet. They are all missing, “it starts 20 Years after they go on cooked heated, processed DEAD food”.  Which just happens to be what the Western Diet is.

So you, too, are making a mistake if you change what foods you eat but still continue to eat mostly “dead food”. To stop the progression of all of these degenerative diseases, including diabetes, you will need to learn how to much improve your percentage of Dead Food.

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