Dead Food and Pancreas Problem – Part 1

After five years of research, over 250 books, maybe 4,000 Studies, Thousands of Articles and personal diabetic experience I would list these three things in the last year clearing up for me in understanding my (and your) Diabetes and what it takes to survive and out live your non-diabetic friends.

  1. That I, and almost All diabetics have developed a fungal overgrowth, that gives us symptoms, we think are from “diabetes,” but are actually “curable” fungus, (months or years) (six months later, not rid of all of mine yet.)
  1. That nearly every diabetic with health problems is over breathing as much as 3 times the normal rate. Life expectancy in direct relationship to extent of over breathing error acquired.  Can be unlearned.  Fixes asthma and sleep apnea almost 100%, (all that retrain back to normal breath rate.)
  1. What this article is about….Cooked canned and processed food requires body to develop digestive enzyme. Pancreas and other organs are overworked producing digestive hormones, along with producing huge amounts of insulin to force refined sugar peaks, into muscles. Both jobs your ancestors, pancreas, etc. did not have to do.

Your ancestors for 2 million years ate raw 100% live food and it was only late on that any food at all was cooked.

Any food heated over 116 degrees has killed all of the natural enzymes used to digest that food and are thereafter referred to as “Dead” food. Pasteurization of milk makes it a “Dead” food. Recently the government mandated that almonds be pasteurized so now they are a dead food.

If you eat garlic in cloves, most now is imported from China and to keep it from sprouting, it is irradiated.  Therefore Chinese imported garlic is “Dead” Food.

Any canned or frozen food is Dead food, (frozen is flash high heat blanched) Look at what you ate today………likely 95 to 100% was Dead food.

Seniors, in particular eat a higher than average percentage of cooked, processed etc. “Dead food.”

It is these very seniors that find their body making an enzyme to digest cooked food has become a problem.  Senior “digestion problems,” it is referred to as.

Now I often tell you I read several studies every day, and one of my favorites goes back to 1898, but this one referred to here to illustrate my point is from when I was 3 years old and no one knew of the word enzymes.

The Experiment

Let’s go back to that early study started in 1932, ran for ten years until 1942 and that involved Dr. Pottenger’s 900 cats in the previous article.

That test basically shows what happens to a body that has no input but cooked food.  Cats, not humans, but same thing closely applies.

When you eat 100% dead food, just like the cats…then, all digestion enzymes have to be supplied from the immune system and the pancreas.  Ancestors eating all “live” food meant that their immune system and pancreas could be totally devoted to doing away with unwanted invaders.

People on “live food” it is noted have few allergies, apparently their immune system is fully free (instead of making cooked food replacement enzymes full time) to make anti-invader protections to do away with substances that normally causes others on primarily “DEAD” food to react with extensive allergies.

So Dr. Pottenger’s test was between cats on live food, and cats on dead food, they had four increments, but that is basically what it boiled down to compare.

The control group fed raw meat and pasteurized milk, the rest of the cats got cooked meat and unpasteurized milk.

The “all raw LIVE FOOD group” developed NO degenerative diseases and lived MUCH LONGER than the other groups and mostly died of old age.

The first generation of cats on an “all cooked diet,” had the following symptoms develop, what are referred to as degenerative, (do it to yourself diseases) such as allergies, asthma, cancer, heart, kidney, liver, thyroid, both rheumatic and osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and of course, good old dental disease. Does this sound like the list in discussion of ailments at the senior center?

The second generation of cats developed the same diseases, only worse. So if your parents were affected by this, yours will be worse than theirs, judging from this.

The third generation of the controlled cooked food group, most kittens were still born or died within six months. They had to stop the study at the fourth generation because all the cats were now infertile and could not reproduce. Back in the early years when they started putting wild animals in zoos they fed them “cooked food” and they found the death rate very high.

When they went to raw food the survival rate improved tremendously. Man has the lowest level of starch digesting enzyme of any creature.

Yet we eat large amounts of cooked starch.

They list low levels of this enzyme with people that have chronic ailments such as allergies, skin disease, diabetes and cancer.

Interesting that one study found that no matter how many calories of raw food that people in the test ate, they could not get them fat.

They show that when large amount of enzymes are shifted from immune system and cellular use, to digesting cooked food, aging is accelerated. It would seem to be clear that eating a higher percentage of raw food would be of advantage to older people, and especially to diabetics, where raw food digestion is slow, and the same food cooked results in a fast rise  in sugar. (Example: carrots and onions.)

Definition of Dead Food, First Definition: Something that will not sprout.

Second Definition: A food that the natural enzyme content with it, to digest it, has been destroyed usually by heat.

Age Affect

Organs involved in heavy lifetime of making digestive enzymes eventually give out. Don’t blame Diabetes alone. You can get away with total dead food quite a while but it will get you.  Dead foods include:

  • Any Food Pastuerized
  • Any Frozen Food
  • Any Canned Food
  • Any Irradiated Food
  • Any Processed Food
  • Any Cooked Food

Live foods that come with Enzymes included:

  • Fresh Foods, Fruits and Vegetables
  • Foods dried under 116 degrees
  • Includes Pemmican, Jerky, Dried correctly with no chemicals
  • Nuts, Berries, Avocados etc.
  • Yogurt
  • Sauerkraut
  • Nato
  • Fermented food
  • Raw meat
  • Meat dried under 116 degrees
  • Unpasteurized dairy

You need to understand that your ancestors’ food was almost 100% live food that came with 100% of the enzymes needed to digest it. Your diet is often 100% dead food; your body’s pancreas has TO MAKE THE ENZYMES to digest cooked, dead food.

A diabetic’s pancreas is often stretched already beyond its capacity, and is often putting out 3 to 4 times the normal insulin level, (have yours checked, should be 5, good bet it is 15 or more.) trying to control your blood sugar. (it is high insulin that does body damage) degenerative diseases, etc.  Your immune system instead of 100% warding off diseases and viruses etc. is involved helping make the enzymes you need to digest your “dead” food.  Your ancestors had 100% Immune system attention to invaders. With Dead food input you do not. When you get older your pancreas often cannot keep up, and you have diabetes AND digestion problems, (gas, burning etc.) because you can no longer make enough enzymes to digest dead food.

Your model body design successful for 35 billion ancestors was NEVER made to handle dead food other than in ONLY limited quantity for a short time.

Not nearly 100% for 50 years.  The remarkable part is you have gotten by with it with only a few illnesses resulting from it hopefully, so far. You inherited nearly a perfect body and system that knows survival.  Problems you have had are almost ENTIRELY self-caused.

Understand what you were made for, cooperate with that, and your body will take it from there.

We will also take up body alkaline and acidity, as part of this….. For example, raw (live) tomatoes result in an alkaline body result.   Canned tomatoes produce an acidic body reaction.

We mention this now and write on it elsewhere, just to remind you this is tied in with it. Remember, nobody gets fat eating raw food, and remember, if you maintain an alkaline on or near alkaline body balance, it is almost impossible for bacteria or viruses to get a foot hold in your body.  More on that elsewhere. All sick people have a heavy acidic balance. Including cancer. Remember, cooked, canned and processed food is acidic producing.

That getting away with it has run out. Diabetes was the tip of the iceberg showing you there is a problem. As you age your hormone and enzyme production drops off.

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