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Some Daily Skin Care Regimen To Follow

Nancy asks…What should I do for my skin? Toner? Sunscreen? Cleansers?

Okay I really want to start taking good care of my skin, it’s pretty bad, and I have a bunch of acne scars, zits and a WHOLE lot of blackheads. I am planning on buying:

  • Blackhead tape or tool
  • A good sunscreen cream
  • Clean and Clear morning burst cleanser
  • Acne scar remover cream?

Anything else? I honestly want to have good skin, without makeup so I plan to do this:

  • Mornings: clean and clear morning burst cleanser (so I can wake up) then sunscreen with some lip balm (anyone know some good natural one)
  • Coming home: just clean my face with water
  • Nights: Clean my face with Spectro (acne gel) and nice gentle cream and maybe a dark eye circle cream (i have really bad dark eye circles)
  • Once a week: clay facemask, blackhead scrub, blackhead eraser
  • Once a month: wax

I have oily skin which is prone to breakouts.

Admin answers:

For your face i would use something with Retinol in it. I used the Retinol Body Soap for my face and it took my acne away in three weeks. Which is good, and I tried stuff like Murad, Dermologica, and Proactive. I got mine at a Vitamin store.

I would get a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Also a good natural lip balm is I Love Tomatoes or Burts Bees.

I like your plan but I wouldn’t use black head scrub and black head eraser. They have once a week plan so that people will give their face a rest after doing something harsh to it, so maybe get a scrub or mask that does all three.

Laura asks…what color of make-up should I wear?

I always like putting on make-up, but I just don’t know how. Anyone have any suggestions of what I should wear? (Color and product, NOT brands). There’s a lot of problem that hopefully will be fixed with makeup

  • scars & birthmarks (a lot around my mouth, chin &forehead)
  • small eyes
  • pale skin color (no matter wat product i use it won’t change!!!)
  • thin eyebrows (my MAIN concern-every1 says that I would look SO MUCH better if I had thicker brows…but I was born with those ugly thin brows)
  • thick but short lashes
  • purple colored lips
  • big nose (I have no idea how to fix it)

I can’t really wear eyeshadow because I don’t have a crease on my eyes…and I want a fairly natural look since I’m only 15…oh and I’m going to get grey contacts, and I have oily skin.

Admin answers:

Just because you don’t have a crease, doesn’t mean you can’t wear eyeshadow!!! Asian eyes are AMAZING, and super fun to apply shadow to. The lack of crease means there is a lot of surface area to work with and you can do some really interesting looks that way. You can also use shadows to give the impression of a crease if that is something you want.

Firstly, you definitely need a good skincare regimen. All the best makeup in the world won’t look good without a good base of healthy skin. I suggest going to a dermatologist to try and work out some of your skin issues. Oily skin is difficult and adding makeup to the equation often creates problems. You need to find the right products to get the oil in check and then worry about foundation. For someone with your skin type I always caution to look for oil free products. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and taking at least a multi vitamin daily to help the skin repair and clear itself. For oily and blemished skin I recommend a mineral foundation or tinted moisturizer set with a gentile powder.

For your brows, get a good prow powder. I know you didn’t want anyone to mention brands, but there are a lot of CRAPPY brow products out there so I am going to recommend you get an Anastasia brow kit. It is the most natural looking and easy to apply brow product I have tried.

I think a good daily routine for you would be a light coverage foundation (tinted moisturizer set with light powder or mineral foundation), fill in the brows with some powder and set it with some brow gel or wax, a little mascara, a light touch of blush and some lip gloss. This will give you a healthy, fresh faced look that you can live with. If you have a lot of blemishes and scars then make sure to avoid powders with a lot of shimmer or shine to them  (if you use mineral makeup look for one without bismuth as this makes the skin shiny) as these will only highlight any bumps and imperfections on this skin and that isn’t what you want.

I suggest you check out This girl has great ideas and she is Asian, like you, but she doesn’t let her lack of crease get her down or limit her options with eye shadow. I think she might help you get some inspiration and feel a bit better about things. Embrace what god gave you, you aren’t ugly and Asian features can be GORGEOUS! As a makeup artist, I really love working with Asian eyes as they are fun to play up.

Sharon asks…Skincare at 25? Routine advice please.

Hello! I’m a 25 year old woman and I’d like some tips on caring for my skin. I may start to ramble; if you can help with any part of this I’d be grateful!

At the moment, I am quite blemish free and get occasional breakouts of spots on my face and shoulders. My skin has never needed much moisturiser and it’s not especially sensitive, apart from the fact I’m pale and prone to burning if I’m not careful. I figured at 25, I may as well start a more structured routine if I am to stay this radiant until I’m 55!

I ONLY use products that are as natural as possible, and definitely never tested on animals. BAUV approved is ideal.  In England, this means I’m limited to Co-op, Marks and Spencers, Superdrug and Lush, along with a few wonderful, but more expensive brands like Weleda and Faith in Nature.

I tend to shower in the evenings, (I live with lots of people), but sometimes I get a morning shower. I use Superdrug’s cleansing face-wash while I’m in the shower. If my spots get really bad, (rarely), I use a mud mask. I’m thinking of doing this once a week, but I’d like to know if I should do this before, or after the Face-Wash I use?

Once out of the shower, I have some Superdrug’s own Cocoa butter body lotion. I LOVE the smell, and I’m using it as a moisturiser (Not for my face). I have Lush’s Imperialis moisturiser for my face, but I can’t keep spending that kind of money! Any recommendations ladies?

Admin answers:

Hi I’m a 23 year old female living in the East Coast and have had oily skin (t-zone, typical) and dry skin around the skin. I started using Hilda Demirjian skin care products… I was a vegan so I still continue to purchase products that are animal free and earth friendly. Any item you send back after using it or bring in she gives 10 % off the next item which is cool because she recycles them.

Anyways, whenever you want to ask more questions I’ll be happy to answer about how I feel using her products and the great thing is that it is low maintenance. I don’t have time to worry about my skin and stay in the bathroom applying things up to 2 hours. I definitely bought her camphor mask (smells like mint) to minimize the pores and don’t really get facials anymore because I’d rather do it at home and save the money and I always bought the calendula creme which replenishes my dry skin.

I really hope this helps. Hilda got me on the right track and even sent me (delivery of products is available) a checklist of what is first second etc. Which is very helpful for me.

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