Cyclo Bolan NT Review

One reason some males have more athletic builds than others is their testosterone levels.  If you want a perfect build and better muscles yourself, then check out some of our testosterone boosters.

We’re going to look at Cyclo Bolan NT in this review.  First, we’re going to look at the ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Bioperine, Yohimbine, L-Histidine and DHEA. We don’t know the exact dosage of any of these ingredients, as they just list a proprietary blend of 636mg per serving.

There are two problems with this – the first being that we don’t know how much of anything is included, but also that the dosage is very low. We’ve looked at other products that have more than 636 mg of a single item in their testosterone booster.


Tribulus Terrestris – Known as puncture vine, it is effective in increasing testosterone production by the body, which leads to increased muscle strength and better sexual performance.

Horny Goat Weed – Known as epimedium, it is a good source of testestosterone mimetic icariin. Icariin increases production of nitric acid resulting in better circulation leading to improved sexual function.

Bioperine – A piper nigrum fruit extract, it increases the bio-availability of substances like vitamin and minerals.

Yohimbine – A metabolic and performance stimulant, it increases testosterone production and nitric acid levels, promotes fat loss and optimal erectile function.

DHEA and L-Histidine – While DHEA is a precursor to testosterone, L-Histidine increases testosterone production by stimulating leydig cells.


Cyclo Bolan NT has a retail price of around $59.99. But online retailers may sell it cheaper – it’s typically around $40/bottle.

Customer Experience

While we do have some questions as to how good this product is, Cyclo Bolan NT has very good customer reviews for the most part.  The biggest complaint is the price, but there are some side effects that a few customers have experienced.  These include dizziness, headaches and insomnia.

While not directly reported with this supplement, Yohimbine has also been shown to increase liver enzymes. Overall, we generally do not like to recommend products that only show proprietary blends, especially in this case where the dosage is very small.

The biggest benefit Cyclo Bolan NT has is that the customers generally like it.

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