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The Common Fears of Losing Weight

“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.” –E.E. Cummings

The quote above inspires me. Because I think many people really want to lose weight and feel comfortable in their own skin. But they’re scared to lose weight. Why? What are they frightened of exactly? There are a number of things that scare people about losing weight. See if you identify with any of these common fears.

For example, some women keep a layer of fat on for protection against possible sexual harassment. They are afraid they couldn’t handle being seen as an attractive, sexually-viable woman. They don’t know if they could handle the extra attention and flirting that might come their way. If this is you, realize that, as an adult, you have the right to set boundaries in relationships. You have the right to say “no” and you can learn how to flirt (but still keep men in their place). Women actually have much more power in this area than TV and film want us to believe. And you have every right to exercise that power.

Other people may have their extra weight as a part of their personality (“I’m the funny fat guy”). So to lose that extra weight means losing a part of their perceived personality. But your weight is NOT you. In fact, if that is your persona – it’s time to build another one. Build a new persona that is not so hurtful to your spirit – a persona that you like and that you’ve always wanted to be.

I’ve even had women tell me that they were scared they would lose friends – or a partner – if they lost weight. That’s a whole subject in itself. But really, if a friend will dump you if you look and feel better about yourself – what kind of friend are they? Do you really need that in your life?

There are lots of people out there that will encourage you and be happy for you – find them and never let them go!

Then there’s the physical fear of loose skin. Why start if you’re just going to have all this loose flabby skin right? Wrong – there is surgery you can get to fix that. And more advances are made in this field every day. The bottom line is that you are worth the trouble!

Here’s the thing. Losing weight can be scary – but it can also be the best thing you’ve ever done. It can open up a whole new world to you.

A friend of mine recently lost weight and I’ve never seen her happier. In fact, she feels so comfortable in her own body now that she’s living adventures she never thought possible. She’s gone para-sailing and even zip-lining. She’s taken up cycling and is even considering training for her first marathon.

This may not be what you want to do – but the point is that her whole life has opened up just from losing weight.

So the first question I guess is this: Are you scared to lose weight? Do you have some secret fear that’s holding you back? What is it? Once you know what it is – what can you do about it?

Because here’s the thing – if you don’t face your fears and deal with them then you’ll always be sabotaging your weight loss in some way. You can try millions of diets, but you haven’t fixed the one main driver that keeps the weight on. Personally I’ve found that by concentrating not on the fears – but on all of the amazing things I’ll have by losing weight – is enough to get me to have the ‘courage’ to lose weight and be at my best.

So if you’re scared to lose weight, it’s time to identify those fears that are holding you back and deal with them.

You deserve to be happy and have all that life has to offer for you. You’re not a victim! Don’t let your fears sabotage the opportunity to feel comfortable in your own skin.

You’re worth more than that!

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