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Clear Acne With the Two-Prone Approach

Whether you are confronting the all-too-familiar adolescent scourge of acne or suffering from similar problems as an adult, you may be surprised to learn that acne care has recently seen something of a revolution. No, we are not referring to the latest, slightly altered topical cream or spray. We are referring to a new antimicrobial and skin regenerating natural product plus a paradigm change in the way acne itself is perceived.

For generations, acne, like so many other dermatological problems, has been perceived as a self-contained issue with a self-contained solution. But as alternative practitioners have long known dermatological problems are far more likely to be the external manifestation of a deeper systemic imbalance. As such, a truly effective acne cure must work at both the surface and at the root of the problem.

Such two-prone approach to acne care is what we would like you to consider. Combine 1) an antibacterial and skin regenerating cream to address acne from the outside and 2) change your diet to detoxify your body and restore balance from the inside. This new approach has succeeded where more superficial ones have failed. Better still, because every element of this regimen is natural, there are no known side effects. What makes it necessary to have this two-prone approach to acne care?

During puberty rising hormone levels cause the sebaceous (oil) glands of the skin to get bigger. This is activated by male-type hormones found in both males and females. The sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance called sebum which empties onto the skin’s surface through the hair follicles.

If those hair follicles become plugged and sebum cannot discharge on the skin surface, acne bacteria which is always present within the skin follicles -where they function in simbiosis with humans to produce sebum from dead cells- start reproducing too quickly and become virulent. The increased pressure within the clogged follicle causes the wall of the follicle to rupture. As a result, sebum, bacteria and shed skin cells escape into the surrounding tissue, forming papules, pustules and nodules that can be large and painful. This usually heals within 8 weeks but in the meantime multiple skin injuries are left behind due to inflammatory infection.

Acne places heavy demands upon the skin’s components. Infection destroys collagen and elastin fibers, severs the microvascular system and damages and kills cells. When healing occurs, normally after a long time if acne injuries are not properly treated, a scar is left in the skin. The normal functional tissue (skin) is replaced by connective tissue (scar).

Acne is a complex condition that depends basically on excess sebum (oil) production that occurs when you are going through hormonal imbalances (especially during adolescence or, if a woman, during your period…) in conjunction with toxins within your skin, due to the intake of excess protein of poor quality.

Toxins within the skin follicles attract moisture and create pressure as if the sebaceous glands where pinched off, resulting in a soft pliable lump (knows as a cyst) within the hair follicle. The cyst is usually not painful or discolored unless it becomes infected by bacteria. Then it may become a deep painful bump (severe nodular cystic acne). Nodular acne can result in permanent scarring. This type of acne must be addressed with a holistic or two-prone approach that considers both 1) an action from outside to kill bacteria and repair skin damage and 2) an action from the inside to detoxify your body.

Killing bacteria and repairing skin damage

Mild acne may be the consequence of plugging of the opening of the hair follicles due to shedding of skin cells, from the outer layer of the skin, and sticking with the sebum, resulting in whiteheads. When whiteheads are exposed to air, they form blackheads due to oxidation (think of an apple that you leave on your desk half eaten). This type of acne can be quickly addressed with the simple application of an antimicrobial product, a cleansing of the skin pores.

BIOSKINCARE Cream is one such product that not only kills acne bacteria effectively and without the pitfalls of chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs or antibiotics. It also acts as an exfoliant eliminating dead cells and it heals and triggers the regeneration of damaged tissue. It also nourishes your skin and protects it from free radicals. Improves skin’s elasticity, and leaves it silky soft and soothed.

BIOSKINCARE penetrates deep into the skin follicles where the antimicrobial peptides and the bio-available compound in it dissolves the sebum plugs and triggers the digestion of damaged cells and their replacement with new elastic cells, collagen and pigment, filling in scar cavities. It also shrinks and replace the old fibrous collagen formed to repair damaged tissues, which otherwise may leave raised scars behind. Healing is recognized when new ‘invisible’ hair, known as lanugo, comes through the restored hair follicles in those areas. BIOSKINCARE also “pumps” up the cells and the “ground substances” in the skin. That also reduces wrinkles on the surface of the skin.

Detoxify your body to avoid plugging of sebum glands.


  1. – Go to a sauna and get in it for 15 minutes (not more not less), then shower. Then back to the sauna for another 15 minutes… then shower. This helps your body to get rid of toxins within your skin. You can do this once or twice a month if you do not get addicted to such pleasures… and the clear results for your skin… especially if you also follow the next step:
  2. – Shift your diet, and stick strictly to it for two weeks. Eat loads of fresh fruits and fresh salads including tomato, avocado and virgin olive oil and avocado oil, plus fresh nuts (shelled) and 50 grams each day of high quality bio-available proteins in the form of raw fish such as sashimi (fresh fish the Japanese way without the rice) or raw tuna fish (fresh not refrigerated or canned).
  3. Apply BIOSKINCARE twice a day to speed the process of getting rid of acne bacteria within your skin follicles, halt inflammation and repair acne scarring.

Treatments for Acne Scars

You can also use BIOSKINCARE to prevent and repair acne scars. Acne scars are caused by the body’s inflammatory response to acne lesions. The best way to prevent scars is to treat acne early, and as long as necessary. If scars form, BIOSKINCARE cream is very effective in repairing acne scars by helping both to trigger new skin cell formation when the skin has been damaged and to speed up the process of scar maturation.

What our customers say:

“I don’t always provide feedback with every order, but know that you have a permanent customer in me. Your product does everything you claim and even more. The antibacterial properties protect the skin and prevent infection, and skin appearance improves and becomes softer with regular use. With your product, there is definite hope for troubled skin! Thank you ever so much for creating this product, and making it available world-wide. “Elaine Fuller. MN, US.

Get rid of mild & moderate acne, while moisturizing, protecting, repairing and renewing your skin with BIOSKINCARE.

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