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Clarisonic Pro Review

Name a couple of methods you use to exfoliate your facial and body skin, is The Clarisonic Pro one of them? Do you use scrubbing creams, or simply rub your body with brush while bathing? Or do you visit certain spa centers to have a regular skin treatment?

I personally like the idea of home skin care; I like to do my own hair care, facial treatment, as well as body treatment. Beside it is cheaper to perform self-treatment at home, I hate the idea of being trapped in a traffic jam whenever I have to go out. I only went to spa center for treatments I cannot do myself, such as body massage (Well, you cannot massage your own back, can you?). So when it comes to simple skin treatments, I do my own exfoliation with scrubbing creams with the help of a long handle body brush to rub my back.

Recently, a product from Clarisonic has been released to help exfoliating your skin either facial or body skin. The idea might come from and electric toothbrush which is operated by batteries and used to clean your teeth with the brush rotating inside your mouth and thoroughly cleans the traces of your meals which stay at your teeth. Similar with the electric toothbrush, this skin brush is used to clean your skin from dead skin cells, and make-up residues which stay on your facial skin even after cleaning it with soap or make-up cleanser.

Featuring the different speeds of brush rotations, The Clarisonic Pro Sonic Skin Cleansing for Face and Body will clean the surface of your skin with three speeds for the face and a fourth speed for the body parts which need special attention. There are two kinds of brush to use with the device: the sensitive brush for the facial skin, and the body brush to rub your body parts. These brushes can be used with both facial cleansers and body skin polish, to help cleaning your skin from make-up residue as well as dead skin cells, and to give you a glowing skin as an outcome.

Each package of Clarisonic Pro brush will come with three tubes of trial size facial cleansers which are specially made for different skin types each. The Gentle hydro cleanser will work on all/sensitive skin, The Nourishing Care Cleanser will work on normal/dry skin, and The Refreshing Gel Cleanser is specially made for the normal/oil skin. Each of them will gently clean your skin, gives your facial skin a sense of sooth and comfort, as well as keeping them hydrated, and protected the health of your skin. Not only that, another tube is also presented for your body, which is The Refining Skin Polish. The tube contains of 60 ml cream which will smooth and hydrate the rough and dry skin, giving it a nice and healthy glow.

The brush works for all skin types, it will reduce the appearance of oily areas which can clearly seen on those who have oily skin, clear away the dry skin patches, for those who have dull and dry skin, reduce blemishes for the sensitive skins, and even reduce the appearance of visible pores by making them smaller and clean from sebum. Once you have this healthy and clear skin, any skin care products you apply on your face can be easily absorbed. That way you will no longer have problems in nourishing your skin with all the goodness contained in your skin care products. Besides, clean and clear skin will make your face powder make-up look even on your skin and the colors will even blend well with your blush on and eye-shadows. So, you don’t need to apply heavy make-up on your face to cover blemishes or big pores, because even without make-up your natural skin will look firm and bright.

Since the device is waterproof, you can use it under the shower with your favorite body cleanser. However, it is not recommended to dip the whole device inside the bathtub since it might damage the parts where you need to charge it.

To give out more details about the product, here are some Pros and Cons compiled from the users for Clarisonic Pro:

PROS of Clarisonic Pro

  • The product is quite light and it has a nice design which is easy to handle.
  • It has two buttons, on and off that work easily, just like an electric toothbrush, plus a helpful speed.
  • It has 60 second timer to apply the brush on your face. It is a plenty of time to fully remove your make-up and end up with a very clean face that you don’t have to stain your white towel when drying your face off. You will get clean pores which are ready for moisturizers or night cream.
  • For the body, it has a 3 minute timer. You can focus on one part of the body each day or use it multiple times in one long shower, and replace the use of loofah sponge or face towel with Clarisonic brush.
  • The battery life was claimed to be good for 30 minutes (or for washing twice a day which equals to 2 weeks), but in fact it could actually last longer.
  • The device comes with plastic covers/caps, one for the facial brush head and another one for the spot body brush head. This makes it handy for travelling or when you try to dry the brush heads. If you purchase new replacement brush, you will also get a new plastic cover/cap.
  • It has battery life indicator which is represented by 4 green dots on the back of the handle.
  • The brush heads are easy to rotate, remove, clean, and replace, and can last for even to 3 or 4 months.
  • It is waterproof so it can be used in and out of shower.

CONS of Clarisonic Pro

  • It is not travel-friendly: the power cord is permanently connected to the docking station and does not come with traveling pouch or bag.
  • The brush head does not seem to dry overnight. You need to tilt or face it down to drain the water, and remove the brush head once in a while to get out any trapped water inside the device.
  • You need to make sure that the device is truly free from even a tiny bit of water before leaving it in the docking station. A tiny bit of water easily collects at the bottom even thought there is a small hole for draining.
  • It has a high retail price compared to the competitor products. However, purchasing the item will still make a good investment.

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