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What to do when You have Chronic Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is considered as the most common pain for which you need medical attention because it an area of your body that is often neglected. When you first experience ankle pain you will need to visit an orthopaedic as it is the best approach for different ankle conditions so that any issues with your ankle can be resolved. If you are wondering when to go to an ankle specialist then the list is large as it includes sprains, bone fractures, diabetic neuropathy, deep bruising, tendonitis and dislocations.

The reasons for going to an ankle specialist are because these professionals have in-depth knowledge about a host of ankle conditions and hence they can provide you with a better and effective treatment options for your ankle conditions.

If the problem is minor it can be treated with some anti-inflammatory medications but if the pain is severe then you will need to visit a podiatry specialist. If you are thinking when to go to an ankle specialist then the most common reason is one foot flattened in which one of your foot appears flatter than the other which is a sign of ruptured tendon or dysfunctionality.
Tendons that do not function properly can eventually leads to misalignment of the bones often resulting in arthritis in joints. It is very important to treat tendon problem for preventing the problem to worsen and you can also prevent the long term damage to your joints.

You would need to visit an ankle specialist when you have sore or wound that doesn’t heal and hence you will need to visit a podiatric doctor. If you are suffering from open sore or wound then you are at higher risk of getting bone infection of skin infection.

You should also visit an experienced ankle specialist if you are suffering from pain that aggravates with activities and it worsens when you move. It can also be a cause of stress fracture and if not treated on time it can lead to broken bone or permanent fractures.

You will also need to go to an ankle specialist when you get pain in your feet when you elevate your legs as it may be because of peripheral artery disease which is caused because of decreased blood flow. Foot discoloration is also a reason for which you will need to visit an ankle specialist and when you find that both your feet appears in different color then you will need immediate attention.

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