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Choosing the Right Anti-aging Product for You

People all over the world are finding out that they can use an anti-aging supplement to help turn back the hands of time.  The real key to making these supplements work is learning how to choose the one that is right for you.  You need to know your skin type and what type of complexion you have.  Once you know how your skin works, you will know what type of supplement to go with.

Another key factor in choosing the right supplement for your skin is knowing about what you may be allergic to.  You do not want to use something that your skin can get irritated from.  If you use products that irritate your skin, then you can run the risk of having unwanted breakouts.  The more you irritate your skin the harder it is on your skin which in the long run can cause premature aging.

There are many factors in your daily life that can add to the aging process of your skin so you want to be aware of these factors so that you can take the precautions that you need to, to avoid such elements.  We all want to stay as young as we can, so it can be very beneficial for you to steer clear of the harsh elements that can cause you to age fast.  By combing that strategy with anti-aging supplements, you will be well ahead of father time.

With all of the above factors taken into consideration, you will be well prepared in choosing the right anti-aging supplement. Below is a brief breakdown and description of  some of the most common antiaging supplements that you can find on the market today and what your anti-aging supplement should have in it.

You should be sure to get an anti-aging vitamin that contains the basic following ingredients:

  • 5000 IU Beta Carotene, 2 times daily
  • 300 mg Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 1 to 2 times daily
  • 250 mg Vitamin C, 1 to 2 times daily
  • 400 IU Vitamin E, 2 times daily
  • 10mg Zinc, daily or 25mg every other day

Beta Carotene is closely related to lutein, alpha-carotene, lycopene, gamma carotene and zeaxanthine.

All of these anti-aging vitamins can be depleted if one does heavy exercise.  You don’t need to replenish your body with high concentration amounts of these vitamins but it is important to keep them in your body.

One of the structural components of an anti-oxidant enzyme called superoxide dismutase is zinc.  Many people are not aware that they can do a simple test on themselves to see if they’re getting enough Zinc.  If you place a tablet on the end of your tongue and you don’t taste it, then chances are that you may have too much zinc.  If you can taste a metallic or bitter taste then you can use some zinc in your body.  Zinc is needed by those who work out as well as being beneficial for ones immune system.

It is important to be sure that you get the right amount of vitamin C.  Vitamin C in your digestive tract will increase the way your body absorbs on your.  If you’re getting too much vitamin C in your body can take on too much iron.  You want to be sure that you do not go over 2000 mg a day.

One of the best anti-aging supplements known is vitamin E.  It helps to protect your heart, protect you against cancer and it boosts your immune system as well.  Vitamin E is also known in helping a person be more efficient when exercising.  Vitamin E helps your muscles to release the enzymes that they need in order to avoid being soar or having pain.  Vitamin E is similar to vitamin C in the way that you can take too much of it.  It is said that he should take at least 400 IU once or twice daily to help support you when training.

Magnesium plays a very important part in being a component of the antioxidant enzymes that help with anti-aging vitamins.  The recommended daily dose is between two and 5 mg of magnesium daily.  You can get magnesium from leafy green vegetables or in the form of supplements.

You want to be sure that you club for an anti-aging supplement that is well rounded in order to help you in more than one way.  It is not good to try to over do it where accidents are concerned.  Some people may believe that by taking more are doing themselves a better in actual reality they can be doing themselves more harm than good.

If you know specifically what areas your body is lacking where vitamins are concerned, then you can go with an anti-aging supplement that target those specific vitamins that are missing.  You can always check with your doctor prior to starting any type of ant-aging supplements and he or she can help you by doing blood work to see where your body is deficient.  It is important to check with your doctor prior to starting any type of treatment, even supplements, so that you can be sure that you’re doing what is best for you and your body.

If you’re considering taking an anti-aging supplement to help stop or turn back the hands of time, then be sure you know what type of supplements are right for you.  This would depend on the results you are looking for as well as what deficiencies you have in your body.  Your best bet may be to go with an overall blend of nutrients and vitamins that are combined into one supplement.  This way you can get the benefits of all sorts of anti-aging supplements while not going overboard with the amounts you take.

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