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What Causes Baby Acne

Baby Acne or neonatal acne is a phenomenon that is common to most babies. There is nothing to be alarmed or discouraged about. Your pretty little baby will be back to her beautiful and adorable self within a few weeks. These are temporary out breaks that can be seen to disappear within a short time from its appearance on different facial regions of the baby. Some of the common areas that are most prone to acne, include- the nose, the cheeks, the forehead and sometimes the crease between the lower lip and the chin. Acne can appear right from the time of birth, but is more often seen to appear within a couple of weeks from birth. Whatever the scenario maybe, as a parent, you need to be patient and be assured that the situation is not as severe as you think. This is a temporary condition that can be dealt with, with constant care. But what causes baby acne? Why does my baby have acne?

As per expert pediatricians, this specific question is more common than the outbreak of acne itself. The first thing that parents need to make themselves understand is that acne is far from a devastating condition and does not require you to be worried. This is common to most babies and can be treated with minimum of care and protection on your part. All you need to do is understand the causes to baby or neonatal acne and follow the guidelines provided to you by experts, to prevent further out break and cure acne.

What are the causes of baby acne?

There can be varied causes to baby acne and resting on one particular cause can be a tough job to accomplish. It is hard even on the part of the specialists to assure and pin point the exact cause of the acne break out amongst newborns. One of the major factors that influence the formation and spread of acne include the over active oil glands in the facial region of a baby, that excrete more oil than necessary. This extra oil can give way to the formation of acne.

The newborns are often noticed to be prone to skin eruptions. These can be better described as tiny white heads, also known as milia. A more severe or inflamed version of these white heads is the red bumps or the acne.

Now what causes baby acne ?

Cause 1: Reactive leftover hormones from the mother

One of the major causes traced by specialists is the left over hormones of the mother. These hormones react with the oil glands of the baby to produce acne or white heads. These maternal hormones may remain with the baby post birth. Within a week or two from birth, these maternal hormones plug up the oil glands to make them super active. This leads to the eruption of acne. If not paid immediate attention to, the situation can worsen with further outburst and can cause the baby much irritation.

Cause 2: Milk or Spit Ups

What causes baby acne? The baby’s skin is very sensitive and needs to be safeguarded from any and every article that can cause any kind of harm to it. Two articles that can be specifically mentioned here are milk and spit ups. When the baby’s skin comes in contact with any of the above mentioned articles, the skin is bound to react and the oil glands go in a super active mode. This results in an increased amount of oil secretions from the glands, eventually leading to eruption of acne.

Cause 3: Harsh soaps

There are soap brands in the market that specifically cater to the needs of the newborns. These soaps are mild in nature and avoid the use of any harsh chemicals. Chemicals too have a direct relation with oil glands. Harsher the chemical, higher is its reaction on the oil glands. Hence, specialists always recommend the parents of newborns to avoid the use of soaps made for adults. These may also cause numerable harm to the child’s skin in the long term.

Cause 4: Use of rough fabric

Babies often need wiping and patting after showers, face clean, and diaper changes. It is very important to notice, what you are wiping them with. The use of harsh fabric can irritate their skin and give way to acne. Scrubbing with these harsh and rough fabric pieces can elevate the activity of the oil glands. The oil glands in this way will produce more oil than necessary producing red bumps all over the nose, cheeks and the forehead of the baby.

Cause 5: Use of fabric washed in harsh detergents

You might be doing it all right. No left over maternal hormones, no milk o spit ups, no harsh soaps, no rough fabrics, then why does your baby have acne? What causes baby acne? Many a time the use of the softest of fabrics may also lead to the outburst of acne on your baby’s face. This is due to the detergent you use. Fabrics washed in harsh detergents carry the residue of the chemicals from the detergent and can react with the oil glands. The use of these detergents can also make the acne region exceedingly dry, and highly allergic, causing the baby much discomfort and irritation.

Cause 6: Use medication prescribed by doctors

In many cases, distressed parents pick up any over the counter medication for the new born to help them with the constant irritation. This cannot always be helpful. Over the counter medicines are often designed for adults and adolescents, use of which may further cause troubles. In case of serious outbreak of acne, it is important that you get in touch with a doctor and only use medicines that have been prescribed by him.

Avoid the contact of any of the above articles. This, will not only safe guard your baby from the outbreak of acne, but will also prevent further growth of acne, in case that a severe case of acne already persists.

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