Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

Can diabetes be reversed and if yes what do you do to reverse the condition?

How do you reverse type 2 diabetes

Experts argue that although it is difficult to reverse the disease progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes, it is still possible to increase the period of disease progression by up to 60%. Based on a decade long research conducted by the National Institutes of Health’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) on prediabetic individuals, individuals with highly intensive lifestyle but involved themselves in exercise managed to lose up to 7% of their initial weight portrayed a delay in disease progression by 60 %. this is an indicator that you can actually reverse chances of developing diabetes through exercise and weight loss.  This research therefore indicated that weight loss was the actual predictor to prevent progress to type 2 diabetes. Studies have also indicated that patients who have exhibited prediabetic symptoms should avoid intake of a lot of carbohydrate foods in order to avoid excessive. This can be explained based on the fact that prediabetic patient have a problem of getting rid of excess blood sugar, therefore intake of much food rich in carbohydrates adds more problem to the body.  Medical endocrinologists have also suggested that working to have a low blood sugar over a long period of time works not only to ensure that individuals are safe from risk of developing diabetes but it also protects them from the development of other medical conditions such as heart diseases. To have a healthy blood sugar, you must choose the kind of calories you consume with care.  In summary, early discovery of prediabetes can help in the management of the situation so that it doesn’t progress to disease

Some of the early sign of prediabetes include:

Prediabetes sign 1 – Feeling the urge of constant urination

Biochemically, insulin is an enzyme secreted in the pancreas and released into the body where it breaks down glucose. When the body becomes intolerant to insulin, the blood sugar level goes higher and due to lack of insulin. This situation overworks the kidney since it has to do an extra work to excrete the excess glucose from the body and as a result you will have a constant urge to urinate. The increase in urination leads to dehydration hence an individual constantly feels thirsty.

Prediabetes sign 2 –  Unexplained fatigue

Fatigue can be as a result of lack of sleep, food, illness or excessive stress. In the event that fatigue does not arise due to the stated causes, then it could be a sign of prediabetes. Fatigue coupled to other signs of low blood sugar occuring within a few hours of a high carbohydrate meal is an early warning sign of prediabetes.

Prediabetes sign 3 -Acanthosis Nigricans

This is a medical condition characterized by dark patches on the skin that is universal in both genders (male and female). This characteristic is common among the overweight individuals with prediabetic conditions.

Prediabetes sign 4 -Weight gain

Most prediabetic patients have an uncharacteristic weight gain despite constant maintenance of the same past eating habits. Most patients may try exercise as a way of weight loss, though they do not lose weight even after exercising. The biochemistry behind this is that the body secretes insulin to break down glucose. In the event of insulin resistance the liver converts the excessive blood sugar into fats thus leading to a constant increase in weight. Some of the fats are finally deposited in the belly leading to increased belly fat.  If you take a look at yourself and see these signs of prediabetes it is important to visit a doctor right away in order to find out if you are prediabetic or not.

Diabetes stars with bad nutrition and before any doctor can tell you that you have diabetes, you will see some signs of being prediabetic. So, before you even go and look for a diabetes calculator, please watch the video below, to learn some nutrition principles you must follow in order to have a healthy blood sugar in the first place. How many and what kind of calories you must eat daily to prevent diabetes

More on being prediabetic

Prediabetes is a medical condition where an individual expresses an abnormally higher blood sugar level but not high enough to qualify as type 2 diabetes. It is a new term that is in current use by medics to replace what was initially known as impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance, which is the two major characteristics of prediabetes. The condition, arises majorly due to the loss of the ability of the body to tolerate insulin (insulin intolerance) or low production of insulin. These lead to accumulation of blood sugar to a level that is higher than normal but not high enough to be classified as diabetes.  Prediabetes in itself is an early warning for type 2 diabetes and has a number of signs though most of them may go unnoticed.

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