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Bobbi Brown Makeup: The Basics of Beauty


The start of Bobbi Brown Makeup came into result when Bobbi Brown discovers the want of cosmetics available to women.  A beauty that is natural, friendly, and innocent is assume by Bobbi Brown. Right then, she brainstormed Bobbi Brown cosmetics at it became gettable to women in 1999.

Bobbi Brown, 25 years experienced and fame make up artist, is responsible a beauty trend setter and is most notable for the “natural” look make up.  Elegantly and seamlessly Bobbi Brown cosmetics suits with wide modification of skin tones. An advice on make application was shared by her along with her long life history and expertise.

Makeup Brushes and Equipment

According to Bobbi Brown “being well unionized is fundamental.” Bobbi Brown Makeup covers organizing makeup and equipment, the necessary tools, how to shop for supplies and how to care for tools. From powder to lipstick to top-grade brushes, Bobbi Brown covers everything. Bobbi Brown also envelops the tips on the difference between natural and synthetic makeup brushes.  A handy list of expiration dates for makeup and skin care items are also considered

Skin Care

Since beautiful skin is a consume of beauty and beautiful skin starts with the right nutrition, Bobbi Brown gives tips on food, nutrition and vitamins to achieve beautiful skin. Bobbi also covers exercise, nap, and the detrimental effects created by the sun, smoking, alcohol and stress. The chapter on skincare involves a skin care glossary containing popular ingredients found in skin care items as well as a guide to analyzing the skin for skin type.

Concealer & Foundation

How to prep skin for makeup using correctors, concealer and foundation are the topics on the chapter entitled “Face”. Bobbi offers tips on how to find the right shades for corrector, concealer and foundation. Bobbi said that “Concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation and yellow in tone to blend as it lightens.” In order to find the right tint of foundation women should see for a shade that disappears afterwards applying to the skin and test foundation using natural lighting.

Bobbi Brown also includes techniques for dealing with especial skin conditions such as rosacea, birthmarks, hyper pigmentation, acne and freckles. Bobbi Brown Makeup cosmetics are made to lifetime, today, next week or for the years forward of us.

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