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Bio Skincare Acne Healing Cream

We would like to introduce you to a wonderful natural skincare product and explain more about the snail’s extract which provides the active ingredient in the cream we offer as an integral skin treatment.

Today, people all around the world are seeking natural alternatives to prescription drug formulations and synthetic cosmetic preparations for various skin ailments and general skin health and vitality.

BIO SKINCARE contains Helix Aspersa

Müller bioactive compound plus an emulsion base to make a liquid into a cream and preserve it from contamination. The analysis carried out on the SNAIL “Helix Aspersa Müller’s” concentrate proved it is a complex compound of powerful biologically active protein enzymes, copper peptides, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans.

The compound acts as a biological activator of both the elimination of dead and damaged skin cells and the renewal of healthy cells, and also have antibacterial peptides with a biocid action on micro-organisms.

Snails have moist skins and if wounded they are attacked by opportunistic micro-organisms always searching for a perfect growth medium such as is any injured living surface. They have overcome this problem by secreting a powerful array of antibiotic peptides chains of amino acids – which, by nature of the fact that snails are highly successful species, has proved a unique antibacterial strategy for many millions of years.

These peptides kill bacteria by infiltrating their membranes and literally bursting the cells. This mechanism differs markedly from those employed by most commonly used antibiotics and it is difficult to envisage how bacteria could become resistant to what is a most fundamentally-targeted weapon.

Researchers have isolated such antibiotic peptides from several species of snails and from tropical frogs. In doing so causing these cute little creatures no harm – they have simply washed off the secretions from the skin with water and have isolated the peptides from the solution by sophisticated technology. While such molecules may represent critical advances in our arsenal against infectious bacteria they also provide conservationists with an objective arsenal in the fight for species and habitat protection.

BIO SKINCARE™ not only provides the normal ingredients which may be deficient in the skin, but also restores the skin renewal process by stimulating the germinal cells. These are located at the base of the skin which then migrate to replace the worn-out cells near the skin surface. The result is a healthier appearance of the skin with more thickness, a normal skin color, normal skin texture and normal skin tissue turgor.

A young child’s skin is amazing, isn’t it? The truth is that a child loses dead skin every day, just by changing clothes or rubbing against towels and wash cloth. With the help of peeling agents, we can mimic a child’s skin.

Studies show that BIOSKINCARE contains enzymes that helps to peel and break up the thick outer layer of the skin where excessive build-up of dead skin cells can be associated with many of today’s common skin conditions. This peeling, loosening and breaking up of the outer skin layer leads to a sloughing of dead skin cells, which in turn has been shown to be effective care for cleansing and cleaning of pores in acne prone skin, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and scars; and smoothing of fine lines in older photo aged (sun-damaged) skin.

The positive action of BIO SKINCARE in helping to regenerate damaged skin tissues is due to the natural state of the complex system of the skin’s own ingredients contained in it. Therefore, there action is controlled and slowly released by nature, eliminating the risk of overdoses. For the same reason it has no side effects as other products containing acids in formulation that could be to strong for some types of skin.

Can be used by children and on any skin conditions under no risk. It has been proven effective for Scars (Keloids) – Burns – Stretch Marks – Age Spots – Minor Cuts – Wrinkles – Warts and Acne.

BIO SKINCARE boosts the production of anti-microbials, unclogs pores and deeply moisturizes skin while replenishing the lipid barrier of the skin and triggers the regeneration of damaged cells while preventing and removing acne scars, keratosis, psoriasis scales and all types of skin blemishes.


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