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Best Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women who Want Quick Results

All women would like to look beautiful & slim and special cares should be taken in earlier stages to avoid future difficulties. Mostly, some working women and post pregnancy ladies suffer from excess weight. Some women may eat less and still looks fat. You can better consult a dietician to draw a diet plan and follow according to the chart. Following shows the best weight loss diet plan for women in daily basis.

  • Diet plan for Breakfast with inclusion of proteins: Start your diet plan by having proteins regularly in breakfast and for this you can choose salmon, lean meat, eggs and low fat dairy products. Compared to carbohydrate foods we burn more amounts of calories in digesting the protein foods. Thus protein foods make your stomach to feel full and allow you to take only fewer calories for the whole day. Proteins foods are much easier to prepare and does not take longer time. Serve the plate with toasted bread with scrambled eggs, a slice of lean meat or salmon and also add your favorite chopped fresh vegetables. Avoid skipping breakfast otherwise your day will end up with craving unhealthy snacks. Breakfast plays an important role in maintaining healthy weight and your day work starts with is morning food energy.
  • Mid morning snacks with intake of light foods: eating often in little amounts helps to manage blood sugar levels and choose the best snack to crave in little amounts. Avoid eating too much because you have to take lunch on time. Swap biscuits or cookies for oatcakes with peanut or almond butter and a banana.
  • Diet plan for lunch with inclusion of carbohydrates: include your lunch with mix of starchy carbohydrates and lean proteins. The carbohydrates are necessary to supply energy and balanced rise in blood sugar. You can prepare rye bread sandwich with chicken, salmon and low fat dairy products. And also take mix of fruits and vegetable salads topped with black pepper or honey for delicious taste. And also take whole grain toast decorated or topped with cooked beans.
  • Mid afternoon snacks with energy foods: take handful of unsalted dried fruits, nuts or seeds which provides proteins and essential fats which makes you to feel fuller till dinner. Skip eating chocolates and cereal bar and start eating almonds, walnuts and dried apple rings. Dried fruits give more energy especially when you planned to go for gym or any exercise classes during evening times.
  • Diet plan for dinner with inclusion of carbs with healthy fats: combine the carbohydrate foods with some essential healthy fat foods like mackerel, salmon and sardines & also along with seeds and nuts. Carbohydrate foods are rich in fiber, low in fat and moreover help in relaxing at evening times. The body absorbs those healthy fats from the foods in night which helps in repairing and regeneration aids in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Fill your plate half with colorful vegetables dressed with rapeseed or flax seed oils. And include fish and meat with brown rice or pasta or quinoa.

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