Best Way to Get Rid Of Scars

Whether it’s a scar on your arm, leg, or face, there are now some of the best ways available that can get rid of those nasty looking scars. There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little embarrassed about your scars. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love yourself and your imperfections. There’s also nothing wrong with thinking of your scars as proofs of your survival. However, there are some of us who can’t help but remember how the scar happened, and if it was a traumatic event then it triggers some kind of anxiety or uneasy feeling. You don’t have to continue feeling that way. You can have that clear skin again.)


Did you know that using vitamin E is a very good scar treatment? This vitamin has been known to be of great help when it comes to health and beauty treatments. A lot of people swear by its successful results. Not only that, vitamin E is also great for the skin in general because of its ability to moisturize, plus it contains powerful antioxidants that helps repair the skin and improve the appearance of damaged tissue. That’s what makes it great for scars. There are two ways to use this! You can either take it orally or you can puncture the capsule and apply it on the affected area.

Don’t get too excited though! You may want to test it out on a small patch of skin first, before applying it all over your body. In some cases, it has been found out to cause an allergic reaction which then leads to contact dermatitis.


We have talked about the benefits of lemon for a while. It isn’t only great for detoxification, but it’s also a great scar remover. Personally, I love using lemon. I feel so fresh and clean after, plus it makes my dark spots disappear. It lessens the appearance of scars because of its “bleaching” effect, while exfoliating the skin at the same time. In the long run, this helps skin regenerate and get rid of dead dry cells. Careful though, it’s a little harsh on the skin and it stings if you have open wounds. What you will have to do would be to slice a lemon and squeeze the juice directly onto your scars. Leave it for a while – it can be overnight or only for an hour or so. Do not over apply though! Once a day is already okay! Remember, it’s a bit harsh on the skin. Don’t overdo it. You can dilute it with a little water mix if you want.


Did you know that through exfoliating, you are helping your skin regenerate faster? Usually, scars will gradually face but at a slower pace. It is normal for the skin to shed its old layers and be replaced with new ones. If you want it to go faster, you can exfoliate daily. You can use a body scrub or bristles brush! Don’t apply too much force though or else you’ll create a new wound. Just a little gentle pressure will do.)


Bathing for 30 – 45 minute in a sea salt bath can greatly help on the lightening of scars. Sea Salt is actually great in absorbing toxins from our skin, plus they are great antiseptic. That’s why if you have a wound, it will usually sting a little. It’s tolerable though. Make sure that your bath water is a little bit warm. You can do this twice a week.)


Aloe Vera is able to regenerate skin tissue! Plus it is great against inflammation, and it provides a soothing moisture. It is often used to treat burns, but it is also advisable to use as an effective scar treatment, especially when it comes to fresh scars. Be careful to not apply it on fresh wounds though! There are many creams and lotions available in the market that comes with aloe vera extract, in case you can’t find an aloe vera plant in your garden.)


You can also try over the counter scar creams to make your scar disappear faster. I can’t say which of these products will work for you, but you may consult with your doctor or ask your friends about which cream worked for them. Here’s an example of scar creams: Mederma,  Revitol, Bio-Oil, and Selevax.You should read the How To Use manual that comes with the product and follow the instructions religiously if you want good results.)


The dermatologist to be specific. There are many options for you to choose from if you go to a dermatologist. Why shouldn’t you trust your dermatologist? They spent more than a decade studying their specific field. I guess, you will have to choose between:

(A) DERMABRASION – this is the process wherein the dermatologist uses a rotating wire brush or what is also referred to as a “diamond wheel”, this then removes the top layers of the skin so that new skin will take its place. This is mostly used for acne scars, but it can also be performed on the legs by a qualified surgeon.

(B) CHEMICAL PEELING – recommended for superficial scarring, meaning not so deep scars. Your dermatologist will apply a layer of acidic solution – which will sting a bit – to the affected area and leave it alone for about two minutes. The top layers of the skin will then be peeled away after a two week session, which allows smooth new skin to appear.

(C) LASER TREATMENTS – While chemical peeling is for superficial scars, this one is great for deeper scars. How does laser treatment work? Well, it burns away the scar tissue, which allows new skin to replace the old. The area that will be worked on will be applied with a numbing or anesthetic cream, so it’s not going to be that painful.

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