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What are the Best Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

Question by Amanda H: What are the best skin care products for oily skin? I’m about to go to the store and I want to know what skin care products work best for oily skin. Around my mouth my skin is very dry, though, so if you know of a good moisturizer that would be great too.

Answer by Timelady:  Witch hazel and it’s about 99cents a bottle. Good moisturizer Neutrogena Night Creme.

Matt says:  use a salicylic acid product and astringent for the oily parts, and i love just plain ole Johnson’s Baby Lotion for my face.

Viiviiiixxtsw says:  Wash your face with water consistently throughout the day. The over use of soap is unhealthy. Oils protect your skin. But yeah it can build up after a while. Wash Wash Wash!

Britchick152000 says: Ok… I know it sounds weird… but here is my routine…

I went out and bought a cleanser that advertises that it “fights oil.” I find that alot of products advertise that they “won’t dry you out” and “get rid of dead skin.” But I guess oily skin isn’t that common, because I need some SERIOUS help. Fortunately, I don’t get too many breakouts or blemishes, I get so shiny during the day, that I can wipe my fingers across my forehead, and my fingers will be shiny! I’ve recently been doing something odd though… but it seems to be working,

At night before bed, I just use the cleanser that I bought (I buy a different one every time, to see which one I like – but my favorite so far is Biore’s “ICE CLEANSER” or “shine control” – they’re in green bottles with a pump on the top). I get dry around the mouth and corners of my nose too – I just rub some moisturizer ON THOSE AREAS. Moisturizer tends to make me even more oily, and I have read online many times, that it’s best to only use a minimal amount, on areas that NEED it. I’ve been experimenting with an uncommon product lately though. Toothpaste. Just dab it on any blemishes you may have.

BUT in the daytime, like when getting ready for work (just ONCE a day)… I wash my face with toothpaste… I know, I can picture your face. It’s weird. But I suggest that you try it at least once. Just rub it on, avoiding your eyes, and try to build up a lather. Then, without water, use a small amount of your face soap and wash it off. Rinse. It is the coolest feeling ever. It makes your skin feel GREAT. Don’t do it too often though, because it can dry you out too much. But seriously, even if you don’t pick this as best answer TRY IT. It’s awesome.

Chubbs says: I’ve had oily skin forever. And nothing helps me. Even things like toners and astringent seem to make it worse, and I don’t know why! Let me know if it works for you too!

As for makeup – powder is great to eliminate shine. Also, if when you go into a bathroom, check yourself in a mirror – if you see shine building up, simply press a paper towel up to your face. LOOK AT IT. It absorbs the oil right off of your skin. This works wonders.  I have oily skin too it sucks but there’s this product by Benefit called Dr Feel Good that works really well. It actually almost looks like candle wax LOL but u apply it with a sponge (included when u buy it) its colorless n smells good too. Its great mattifier n controls oil. I use it in conjunction with Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel for the oilier areas (in my case: nose) and they work wonders. Bit pricier than drugstore brands but in some cases u get what u pay for! As 4 moisturizer…Olay!

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