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The Best and Safest Body Building Supplements to Take

There is always a limit to how far the body can go when it comes to building muscles. In addition to exercising, adherence has to be given to diet and hormone production, among other factors. However, you can always consolidate all these factors to boost your muscle gain through certified and tested supplements.

Here is a review of the five best bodybuilding supplements:

  1. Whey protein

Protein primarily facilitates muscle building, in addition to providing the body with energy. Whey protein comes packed with a high amount of protein as well as other minerals such as magnesium and calcium. When taken and complemented with exercising, it ensures the body has a constant supply of protein, which provides energy for exercising and increases muscle mass as muscles expand and retract. Whey protein should be taken after working out and can be complemented with other diets.

  1. Creatine

Unlike whey protein that replenishes the body’s nutrition, creatine focuses on hormones vital for bodybuilding. In addition to protein and carbohydrates, muscles also require creatine phosphate to support exercising and other heavy tasks. Creatine helps replenish this hormone, consequently enhancing the muscles’ capability to exercise harder and for longer. As compared to most other bodybuilding supplements that boost hormones, creatine offers a safer and faster result.

  1. Weight gain powder

While most people in the world are in a rush to shed calories and fat, bodybuilders need constant supply of these to complement their muscle gain. This would imply eating several servings or fatty meals per day. Fortunately, you can replenish the body’s fat and calories levels by taking the weight gain powder. It comes packed with carbohydrates, protein, fats, and calories. As you go on adding muscle mass, weight gain powder complements the bulge with a fine line of fat to give you an even look and texture.

  1. Glutamine

Glutamine is popular for enhancing muscle performance and allowing users to exercise for longer. However, it comes with several other key benefits. To start with, it constitutes 20% nitrogen that replenishes the muscles’ supply, replacing nitrogen used during exercising. Additionally, it helps boost the production of growth hormones, which consequently enhance muscle building for a faster result as compared to most other supplements, making it one of the best bodybuilding supplements. For comfort during and after exercising, glutamine also prevents muscles from tearing and facilitates faster regrowth and healing.

  1. Branch chain amino acid

BCAA provides the body with three vital amino acids: Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine. These amino acids account for 30% of the entire body’s skeletal muscles – they help channel more nutrients, especially proteins and carbohydrates to the muscles for faster growth and increased endurance when exercising. BCAA, on the other hand, helps replenish the body’s supply faster, preventing limitation that come with inadequate supplies of the amino acids. For fast results, 3-5 grams of BCAA should be taken before and after exercising. Additionally, the same dosage should be taken every morning, regardless of whether you intend to exercise soon or not, as it helps support other minor everyday tasks such as walking.


These not only are the best bodybuilding supplements, but also among the safest for amazing and fast results.

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