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What is the Best Diet to Prevent Diabetes?

You diet should be the same as the healthy diet for anyone. The way to lose weight is to use more calories than you eat. A dietitian can give you a good idea about how many calories should consume in a day.

Red meat no more than twice a week

Eat fish at least two to three times a week. Lots of fruit mad vegetables. Avoid trains fats. Eat whole grains and no white bread. Fiber is very good. Eat about the same number of calories in each of your three meals. Do not skip meals and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

In addition you should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day five or more times a week.

You should see a doctor especially one that specializes in diabetes. An endocrinologist is best.

Tell the doctor your concerns and the reasons for it.

Doing things now may avert or eliminate your chances for getting diabetes and its complications. Unfortunately for you it needs to be a lifetime commitment.

Good luck and good thinking

Exercise and weight control are equally important. Make sure you limit your intake of empty carbs, such as sweets, white bread, etc. Keep active. By the way, the propensity for developing diabetes is inherited, but not necessarily the disease itself. You have a very good chance of avoiding it altogether.

Assuming it is TYPE 2 diabetes that runs in your family (Type 1 is the rarer “severe” kind that is not preventable):

  • Eat small frequent meals with lean protein, non startchy veggies, good fats like oilve oil, and lots of fibre. Limit your carbs, fast acting sugars, and fatty meats. Eat fish daily (i.e. wild salmon). If you want carbs, eat oats, beans, and brown rice.
  • Eliminate trans fats (found in many processed foods), high fructose corn syryp (found in soft drinks), and junk/fast food. Don’t keep processed food in the house, and try to eat as “natural” as possible. Things like crackers are manmade and not always as healthy as we think. Many cracker brands have trans fats. A better choice for a snack would be a handful of nuts, some low fat cheese, and a few stalks of celery with natral peanut butter or a few grapes.
  • Fruit has fibre and is *generally* fine, although some fruit like bananas are high glycemic and do raise the blood sugar quite fast. Don’t avoid fruit, just don’t make it your main course of a meal. DO avoid fruit juices, which are usually loaded with sugars and carbs, and lack fibre. Have actual real fruit instead.

You should actually try and exercise 45 min, 5 days per week. The more you move, the better. Walk everywhere.

Do note that some cases of Type 2 diabetes tend to run very strong in families, and there is always a chance that you may still develop it strictly due to genetics. But the good news is:

  • If you do end up developing Type 2 diabetes, you will be able to control it better and stay healthier if you follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • The vast majority of Type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented or at least delayed into old age with proper lifestyle choices. So the odds are in your favor. Often the reason why Type 2 diabetes runs in families has more to due with a shared lifestyle than genetics only.

Either way, we ALL need to follow a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy period, diabetes or not.

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