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Best Anti-Aging Foods for Your Skin

The best anti-aging foods for your skin contain vitamins A, C, E, and B. Other important skin nutrients that you need are fish oils, selenium, and zinc. Therefore, whenever searching for the best anti-aging foods for the skin, we must consider foods which possess these essential nutrients.


h2oPure water is an essential for the beauty of your skin and helps keep it looking fresh and young. It helps to get rid of toxins and it also carries the needed vitamins and minerals to your skin cells. It is generally recommended that you drink a minimum of eight glasses of water everyday.

Keeping your skin young and supple is partly accomplished by ensuring that your body is well-hydrated. Your body will first utilize water for its vital functions including blood flow, digestion, and muscle energy. Your skin is one of the organs that is supplied from the water that’s left over.

By drinking enough water and consuming items high in water content (fruits and vegetables such as watermelon), your skin will stay supple and less likely to develop wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Natural Foods

Natural, raw foods are some of the best anti-aging foods for your skin. The more natural and raw foods that you can eat, the healthier and better your skin will be.

Foods that have been processed have a high amount of additives, chemicals preservatives, and fat. Refined sugar which is present in a large number of processed foods, causes the skin to age as it promotes inflammation and hyperglycemia.

Foods such as whole grains, that have a high percentage of fiber, will help rid your body of toxins and other unwanted substances and can also provide your body with much-needed antioxidants.

Unsaturated fats like vegetable fats are healthy because they are of natural origin. They provide omega-3 fatty acids, as well as contribute anti-inflammatory properties. These unsaturated fats are abundant in fatty fish such as mackerel and tuna, which are especially recommended, and also in flax seed and olive oil.


eggsfishdairyProteins are another group of best anti-aging foods. Your hair, nails and skin are all made up primarily of protein. You should eat enough high quality protein, as they are a superb source of nutrients which your skin requires.

If you eat only high-fat and unhealthy proteins, you will see the results in unhealthy skin that is easily prone to breakouts.

Lean proteins which include fish, chicken and turkey are some natural anti-aging foods that you definitely should consider incorporating more of into your diet. It is also good practice for healthy skin to choose meats which have been either baked or grilled, rather than the fried variety.

Soy beans are another high quality protein that is great for the body and the skin.


oxidantsAntioxidants are natural chemical substances that boost the body’s immunity and do a good job of protecting it against toxins. Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants helps your body, and your skin perform at optimum levels.

Antioxidants will help to defend your skin against free radicals, thus enhancing cell repair and rejuvenation. Antioxidants are abundant in fruits and vegetables, particularly those that are brightly colored, like oranges, kale, and tomatoes. Fruits and vegetables are high in alpha-lipoic acid, zinc, and many other beneficial vitamins and minerals.


blueberriesThe blueberry is one superb anti-aging food that is excellent for the skin. It’s naturally high in fiber, and contains a high amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that greatly help to protect your skin and brain.

Blueberries have also been ranked number one in containing cancer-fighting antioxidants. They contain a high amount of phytochemicals which give them their lovely color and also are a wonderful source of antioxidants.

Here’s an extra tip: You can combat the undesirable effects of smoke and many other environmental toxins by eating a cup of blueberries daily.


dreamstime_m_24642121(2)Omega-3 fatty acids are excellent as an anti-aging substance and foods containing them certainly rank in our list of best anti-aging foods for the skin. They work well to prevent premature aging, while also reversing some aging signs in the skin according to many popular researchers. Their general function in our bodies is to protect our brain, heart, skin, eyes, and joints. In addition to anti-aging functions, these healthy fatty acids also help get rid of skin disorders including eczema and dry patches.

Ideal sources of Omega-3 fatty acids include high-fat fish like salmon, herrings, mackerel, and sardines.

A well-known anti-aging expert, Dr Perricone advises in his book called “The Perricone Prescription”, eating salmon or another high-fat fish everyday, or a minimum of three times weekly. Dr. Perricone also recommends wild salmon rather than farmed ones. The American Heart Association also advices eating up to 12 oz. of fatty fish every week.

However, in the event that you have an allergic reaction to fish, taking Omega-3 fatty acid supplements is another good choice.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

evooAgain, according to Dr Perricone, eating a high amount of processed sugar can lead to inflammatory responses in your skin. Extra-virgin olive oil is high in anti-inflammatory substances that will keep your skin looking fresher and younger. It’s best if you replace a large percent of any unhealthy fats and oils you may be using with this oil. Olive oil also aids in reducing high cholesterol levels.

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