Best 6 Anti-aging Foods You Can Eat

Aging is unavoidable, but with the best anti-aging diet looking younger can be easier. Smoother skin can help you appear younger than your years.  We’re going to review here some of the best anti-aging diet methods that can keep your skin youthful and healthy.

Start hydrating your skin by drinking more water. Taking in an adequate amount of water on a daily basis is crucial to our anti-aging diet. Water assist in flushing and removing harmful toxins from our bodies, it also aids digestion, absorption and circulation.

Additionally, a number of antioxidants and vitamins can help to fight signs of aging. A relevant study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition determined that eating anti-aging diet foods with more vitamins and antioxidants like fresh vegetables, legumes and olive oil can help people above the age of 70 reduce wrinkles.6 of the best anti-aging diet foods

  1. Berries. Strawberries contain antioxidant that attracts and neutralizes those unwanted free radicals can help your skin appear smoother. Other berries that have high antioxidant properties are those with rich red, blue and purple color, such as cherries, elderberries, cassis-berries, cranberries, and black raspberries. Anthocyanin, the compound that gives these berries their deep hue has been given credit by scientist for their ability to rejuvenate and protect skin from the damaging effects of environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, air pollution and sun exposure as well.  In addition to being a wonderful inclusion to our anti-aging diet, berries are delicious!
  2. Green Tea. An excessive amount of particles referred to as free radicals can harm our skin doing damage to collagen and elastic tissue fibers. Antioxidant EGCG, that can be found in green tea, may help to lower the number of free radicals, which, in turn, helps skin look healthier. Actually, green tea extracts have been so effective in repairing skin that researchers from the University of Freiburg and the University of California, Germany, have used them to assist patients repair more extensive skin damage following radiotherapy treatment as part of an anti-aging diet regimen.
  3. Carrots. A notable addition to our anti-aging diet list. Our bodies convert the rich beta carotene content of carrots into Vitamin A, essential for healthier eyesight, help in combating dry skin and weakened immune system function. Eating cooked carrots including the peel helps extract more antioxidants. A published study by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that pureed cooked carrots with carrot-peels had elevated levels of antioxidants vs. raw carrots.
  4. Soy. Found in tofu and as a substitute for milk in dairy foods, soy has been shown to decrease the signs of aging. One study, published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, demonstrated that middle-aged women who took 40 mg of soy a day for 12 weeks showed improvement in fine lines around their eyes and skin elasticity. Those who took a placebo did not see the same improvements.  A great way of incorporating Soy into your daily anti-aging diet is with a Soy Milk Maker available for online purchase at Amazon.
  5. Broccoli. A terrific anti-aging diet plant from the cabbage family. In addition to its abundance of antioxidants, which help skin maintain elasticity, broccoli can also be beneficial in reducing the damaging effects caused by the sun’s UV rays. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have determined that broccoli as well as brussel sprouts and cauliflower contain sulforaphane, which helps to mark our skin more resilient. Another study at Johns Hopkins University determined that applying a broccoli sprouts extract reduced cell damage and inflammation caused by UV radiation.
  6. Salmon. Dermatologist tout fish as a miracle food, an essential inclusion in the best anti-aging diet foods recommended for improved complexion, skin softness and luster. Salmon has a rich concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthinan antioxidant that provides powerful skin nourishing and anti-inflammatory benefits. These skin-friendly properties decrease clogged pores, promote even skin tone as well as minimize wrinkles and fine lines.

Eat some of the best anti-aging diet foods listed here and experience for yourself the benefits of a nutritional approach to maintaining a youthful appearance.

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