Are Cystic Acne Scars Forever?

Cystic Acne Scar removal

If you have ever had it, cystic acne, in particular on your face, you know exactly what I mean. I was so self-conscious between the ages of 15 to 24 years when it was at its worst and daily ruptures were not uncommon.

The red or purple pus like lumps are very hard to hide and there are days when you feel like an alien.  It is not unusual to suffer from this type of acne, and it is possible to inherit it. I did so from my father’s side of the family, he had really bad skin.

The remaining legacy of these unsightly lumps and bumps was scarring and some pitting. By the time I was 25 years of age, I was so over my skin problems, and I did not want ANY reminders left on my face, if that was at all possible. I looked into all types of healing balms, potions and treatments to remove the scars that were the result of the cystic acne.

What I found is that there are many options to remove or at least fade the scars. Some of these treatments you can do at home and others will be performed by a skin specialist such as a dermatologist or in a general doctor’s office. I will list a few I tried below:

  1. Peels – made from herbs and natural products. I tried many different types of combinations to reduce my cystic acne, most were the result of recipes I got online. I tried mostly ones to reduce excess oil in my t-zone. I got 1 egg white and mixed it with a lemon, and applied it to my face, leaving it for around 25 minutes. The lemon juice has a citric acid which contains help to remove dead skin cells, increase skin elasticity, and help new cell growth. Whilst my peel was on my face, I simply watched some tv whilst waiting for it to dry. I then used a warm face washer to remove it gently and afterwards, my face felt so much cleaner. The egg whites tightened my skin a little and overall, it felt much smoother.
  2. Aloe Vera – Another at home treatment I practiced daily was applying a little amount of Aloe Vera. This product is also known for its healing ability and could also help to fade scars. The best sources of aloe is determined by how much of it is combined with inactive ingredients that can dilute the healing properties.
  3. Masks and Scrubs – I bought a clay exfoliation mask from a health shop and, once the mask had been on for 15 minutes, I removed it and then applied. I think it had a slight impact on fading my scars, and it was not at all expensive.
  4. Acidic Peels – Glycolic peel or salicylic acid face masks and peels – It is possible to buy these over the counter nowadays and use them in the comfort of your own home. However, when using any acid mask, especially if you have bad skin, I personally, if you have not had a lot of experience with using peels, it may be best to initially be treated by a professional. If your skin is not up to the strong chemicals, then the skin specialist will let you know.

My experience with chemical peels is that they did affect blind pimples – in that they brought them out over the following days. Mentally, I felt like this was a definite improvement for my skin, I felt like it started to clean up after I had a course of the glycolic peels.

  1. Dermabrasion – when I had dermabrasion, it was like having fine sandpaper on the end of a rotating disc and it was massaged over my face. Afterwards, my face felt really red and hot and it took a few days for the redness to balance out. Once this was gone, my skin felt smooth and I am sure that the scars which had the odd minor lump, was softened or at least flattened down. Dermabrasion can now be performed by lasers and it is a lot faster. It is really important to check that the practitioner is a highly qualified laser technician and they have operated a laser successfully on hundreds of patients previously.  Note this can be quite expensive and you really want to do your research before you start down this treatment pathway.
  2. Resurfacing and Injections – There are other different types of treatment which I didn’t utilize, such as collagen injections and skin resurfacing. In the small town which I was brought up in, they did not have these treatment options available.

Which Worked Best – Home Remedies vs. Traditional Treatments?

I tried many different natural products, some homemade and others bought over the counter. I think they all helped in a way, but one of the best things I did do was alter what I put in my mouth and drank a lot more water. I know it sounds like a cliché, but water had a big impact on my skin, especially with all of the different treatments I was inflicting upon my face.

I am now 30 years old and although I do have some small scars left, they are indeed hardly visible.  Know if I get sun on them, they become more obvious, so I no longer sunbake.


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