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An Anti-Aging Skin Care Cream for All Ages

You’re not the only one looking for an anti-aging skin cream. The UK and the USA has an aging population, according to National Statistics. With decreased mortality rates and lower birth rates, the percentage of those over 65 in increasing more rapidly than any other age group. With this increase in older adults, the importance of good skin care practices has become apparent – for every life stage. In order to maintain a youthful glow and ageless beauty, more people than ever are looking for an anti-aging skin cream that really works.

When you’re younger and don’t have wrinkles

The signs of aging can begin as early as your twenties and thirties according to UK dermatological studies. And if you were devoted to the sun during your youth, they can be even more noticeable. But if you don’t have any obvious signs of aging, there are several good habits you will want to pick up in order to keep that smooth appearance to your skin and put off aging lines and wrinkles as long as possible:

  • Stop smoking – One of the best things you can do for your skin as well as your body is to quit smoking. According to recent findings, those that quit smoking before they are thirty can often have the same health risks at the age of fifty as someone that has never smoked. By quitting smoking, you will also stop the repetitive action of pursing your lips, which can cause wrinkles to your face as well as exhaling smoke that causes damage to the outer layers of the skin.
  • Start exercising – By keeping your skin oxygenated, you may be able to put off the use of an anti-wrinkle cream for longer than you might have without the extra action in your life. When you exercise, your body is able to oxygenate itself, causing the cells to work more efficiently, replacing themselves and repairing themselves of damage. When your skin cells can work in this way, they can head off wrinkles before they start.
  • Wear sun lotion – It’s crucial that you wear sun lotion in order to prevent sun damage. With more than 65 000 new cases of skin cancer in the UK last year, you’re not only doing your skin a favour, but you’re also preventing unsightly lines in the process.
  • Eat a healthy diet – Think of good eating habits as a way to apply an anti-aging skin cream from the inside. When you fuel your body properly, you will allow the skin cells to regenerate more easily, creating rapid turnover that results in fresh, even skin tone as well as smooth appearance.

Moving into the forties and the fifties

But even with these good skin care habits, you will still need to find an anti-aging skin cream for the wrinkles that you cannot avoid. However, this is not as difficult as you might think. One of the primary causes of a higher incidence of noticeable wrinkles is a lack of moisture in the skin as you age. Your skin doesn’t produce as many oils in the skin, which lets the skin look wrinkled and lined. To prevent this, here are some easy tips to follow:

  • Drink more water – It seems like common sense, but if you’re not taking in enough water, your body probably isn’t getting as much as it needs to keep your skin healthy looking. You can also spray atomised water (i.e. Evian) onto your skin to keep it moisturised from the outside as well.
  • Apply an anti-aging skin cream at night – When you’re sleeping, your skin isn’t battling the elements of the outside world, making it a perfect time to fight off the appearance of wrinkles and promote skin healing. Try washing your face before bedtime, leaving it slightly moist and then applying your chosen anti-aging skin cream. It will work wonders.
  • Try eating your moisture – Another consideration (with your general practitioner’s approval) is to take a supplement containing omega fatty acids. This helps the skin retain moisture and a more youthful appearance.

Choosing the best cream for your face

However, not all anti-aging skin cream products are made the same or are made for everyone’s face. Here are some of the main categories that you have to choose from:

  • Botanicals and all natural products
  • Collagens
  • Retinols
  • Antioxidants

What you might want to keep in mind is that these products all have varying degrees of strength. Things like a collagen boosting anti-aging skin cream or a Retinol cream will be harsher to your skin and should only be applied sparingly and if you have deeper wrinkles to battle – they have been shown to reduce deeper lines by an average of 23%. Botanicals and those with antioxidants are gentler on the skin, so they can be used for softer wrinkles that aren’t as noticeable. Look too for the percentage of the ingredients in the anti-aging skin cream products that you find so as to compare the strengths of the products and their presumed effectiveness.

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