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Anti-aging Product that Works

If you want to find anti-aging products that really work, you should look for those that work by increasing collagen in the skin. Why? Because collagen and elastin are two of the most important structures in the skin when it comes to keeping it young and youthful looking.

Why is collagen important? Collagen is one of the structures which give skin its ability to resist wrinkling. As skin sags, it becomes more likely to follow the movement of muscles located under the skin. As it moves with muscles, it tends to crease and this is where the wrinkles will appear. It is a gradual process. You may not notice after a few years of scowling, but suddenly a crease appears in the skin between your eyebrows and suddenly, you look older.

There are a number of ingredients which are common to many anti-aging products. Some of the most common include kelp and copper. These two ingredients are able to penetrate the skin and react with the cells in order to repair collagen bonds that may have been weakened or broken over time. There are very few compounds which can increase the amount of collagen in the skin but products which can do this will often be better ones to choose.

There is one compound which has been proven to increase the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin. Functional keratin works in several ways. The first is that it can be absorbed very easily and used very easily by the body. The second is that it forms a protective layer over the skin and this can also be used to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and protect skin while increasing collagen beneath the surface. There is one product which contains high levels of functional keratin. Cynergy TK is an ingredient which contains functional keratin. This ingredient is available in Xtend-Life’s Age Defense Age Defense Active Day Cream.

Whenever possible you want to make sure that you choose natural products which stand a good chance of making your skin healthier in ways other than simply increasing collagen. Healthy, balanced skin looks beautiful no matter what age you are.

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