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Anti-Aging Exercises

If you have ever embarked upon any type of program to either lose weight or to just become more healthy and fit, then you know that exercise is a major component of the program.  What we want to know here, however, is not how to lose weight (though we are not going to turn up our noses at that side benefit) but the anti-aging aspects of exercise.  What exercise or types of exercise gives us what anti-aging benefits?

Part of the reason for that most programs to lose weight or be healthy incorporate exercise is we just do not work as hard as we used to in physical labor on the whole.  Back when most of the people were farmers there was plenty of exercise to get from following around behind a pair of horses pulling a plow or tossing hay bales or any number of other activities.  And the farmer’s wife was not only expected to help out with the farm chores when needed, she had her own.  She prepared big meals for all the hands, washed all those dishes by hand, washed the clothes by hand and that isn’t easy, hung them on the line and so on.

Even when the Industrial Revolution came along and many people left the farm for the supposed better jobs in the cities working in factories, that was hard work standing on your feet all day using your muscles to lift and tote and move things on down the line.  Who needed exercise when you already worked so hard?

Then automation came along and machines started doing a lot of the work.  Even farmers have their big air conditioned tractors to pull the plows these days.  And with computers and robots things got even easier.  This staffer spends hours in front of a computer every day writing, researching, and posting to websites.  Maybe the fingers get a workout but not the rest of the body.

Now we reach the age that we realize we are not immortal and we want to live longer.  We want to get fit and be healthier.  Surprise!  That means we have to get off our rears, out from in front of the computer, TV or game console, and start moving. There are all kinds of ways to exercise.  You can start with just simple walking which is actually one of the best exercises you can do and certainly is the easiest to start with.  No equipment needed.

What kind of exercises are there?  You can do aerobic exercise, interval training, lift weights, dancerzise, yoga, Pilates, and on and on.  You can exercise with machines or without.  You can get a gym membership or workout at home.  Every week it seems like some new program of exercises comes out and can be found in the infomercials.  But which ones or which combination of exercises are going to give you those extra years?

And it is not just living longer that we are after.  We want to be healthy in all those extra years.  So just what kind of exercises gives us longevity?  Which kinds make us healthy in our golden years?

Providing answers to those questions and talking about the different kinds of exercises and programs is what this category of articles is all about.  Over time articles will be added here talking about what we know now about the anti-aging benefits of exercise and posts will be added to the anti-aging news section highlighting the latest studies with information about anti-aging exercise.

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