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Anti-Aging Exercises: Rational Method in Slowing Down the Clock

You may have heard of anti-aging exercise.  But are you aware that you can truly slow down your biological clock by employing a series of tested effective training protocols?  Did you know that your body ages based on a series of hormonal changes within the body, and that through proper anti-aging exercise, you can manipulate these hormones to enjoy an extended youth?  This may sound too good to be true, but it definitely is not.  Many people employ proper anti-aging exercises to maximum effect, even as you read this article.

So, what are the major principals behind anti-aging exercise and how exactly does exercise slow down the aging process.  Well, to understand how exercise can slow down aging, you must understand what exactly aging means in the common sense of the term.  Aging refers to a decrease in vitality within a given system as time passes.  Just like a car engine that has over 200,000 miles traveled; your body is more prone to break down after years and years of use, disuse, and abuse.  Now, imagine if this same car was taken perfect care of and maintained.  Every oil change performed on time, a full tune up every 3000 miles.  Air filters changed and all gears lubed on time every time.  You can bet that the car that was properly maintained will travel further, more reliably with fewer breakdowns.  Your body, just like our example car, does much better for itself when it is properly maintained.  The key to maintaining the body is essentially taking care of three essential systems.  These three systems are mobility, endurance, and strength.  Mobility can be preserved through intelligent scientifically applied stretching programs.  Endurance can be preserved through effective cardiovascular training, and strength can be augmented through intelligently applied resistance training.  These three things make up the basis of anti-aging exercise.

An effective regime for preserving your mobility through stretches should work your muscles and joints through their full range of motion.  This is what will keep your body supple throughout life and will also make you less prone to injury because your muscles will be able to handle and twist and turn that may be thrown at them.  Stretching consists of three basic types.  The first is known as ballistic stretching.  Ballistic stretching relies on dynamic motion to work a given muscle through its range of motion.  Ballistic stretching is geared toward preparing athletes for dynamic movements, like those involved in sprints and jumping, as well as martial arts.  Ballistic stretching is a great way to prepare the body for rapid action.  The second type of stretching is known as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.  Also known as PNF, PNF was developed by physiotherapist for use in rehabilitating sufferers of sports and other injuries.  Although it is a supremely effective way to treat the body, it is not commonly used for typical anti-aging exercise.  The third type of stretching which is the most common and is the most widely known is static stretching.  Static stretching relies on easing a muscle group into a stretched position and then holding that stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.  When static stretching is employed, the goal is to increase local blood flow to the muscle being stretched as well as slowly increase the range of motion over a period of time.  This time period could be anywhere from weeks to months depending on the natural flexibility of the person who is stretching as well as the time it takes for micro trauma from stretching to heal within the muscle.  These are the basics to stretching, all of which have their positives and negatives concerning anti-aging exercise.

The second key to anti-aging exercise is increasing your endurance and cardio vascular health through a proper regime of cardio vascular exercise.  The goal of cardio vascular exercise is to decrease the resting heart rate, increase metabolism, and decrease fat and cholesterol within the blood.  The stronger your heart, the less likely you are to succumb to high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and stroke.  Most heart disease is due to obesity and high levels of cholesterol within the blood.  Through a regular regime of cardio vascular exercise like jogging, swimming, and cycling your body will maintain a low level of body fat and cholesterol.  If you are disciplined about your endurance exercise, you will reap tremendous rewards toward increased vitality, general health and energy.

The third piece of the anti-aging puzzle is strength.  Are you aware that strength training will not only make you stronger and look younger, but will also increase the amount of growth hormone within your body?  Growth hormone has the powerful anti-aging effects of decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass as well as protecting bones from osteoporosis.  So, through proper strength training, you will not only look better but you will protect your bones from becoming brittle.  This pays huge dividends toward warding off the effects of aging on your body.

If you are willing to devote only a few minutes each day toward maintaining your body, you will enjoy the tremendous benefits of an increased level of health and vitality.  Proper anti-aging exercise is the key to keeping your heart, mind, and body youthful and vibrant.  If you would like to ward off disease in the most effective way possible, then take up some form of exercise today.

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