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Anti-Aging Exercises: Far More Important than Creams

The key to anti-aging exercises is performing those that can benefit the entire body, rather than only focusing on a certain area or type of exercise. By stretching, performing cardiovascular exercises, and strength training routines, the road to youth is just around the corner.

The first step in performing anti-aging exercises is stretching and improving flexibility. Stretching is essential before any exercise routine, since it loosens up the muscles and gets them ready to work. Many ignore the need to stretch before beginning an exercise routine, not knowing how beneficial stretching can actually be. Major injuries can result by leaving stretching out of anti-aging exercises, so at least five to ten minutes should be spent each day stretching out various muscles and improving flexibility.

There are three types of stretches that can be performed, in order to stretch all of the different muscles to avoid injury and increase flexibility.

Ballistic stretching, also known as dynamic stretching, involves rapid bouncing movements that promote flexibility. This type of stretching is common in sports, since it prepares the muscles for high paced activities such as running.

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation is a type of stretching that was created by physiotherapists, and is actually used to physical therapy and rehabilitation. It is a complicated type of stretching, and is not usually used for anti-aging exercises.

The third type of stretching is called static stretching, and involves slow controlled movements that gradually give the muscles full range. It stretches single muscle groups at a time, and the stretch is usually maintained for about 20 seconds in order to loosen up the muscle. The muscle should be held in a way where it is getting stretched without any pain, in order to increase blood flow and get the muscle group warmed up. By performing ballistic and static stretching before any anti-aging exercises, the muscles will be able to work harder without resulting in injury.

After performing thorough stretch routine, cardiovascular exercises is the next step. Cardiovascular exercises are essential in any exercise program, especially for those who are trying to benefit from the anti-aging aspect. They are able to increase muscle, get rid of fat, and even provide more energy to those who exercise on a regular basis, as well as decrease anxiety and even signs of depression. Cardiovascular exercises can even help those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and a low immune system.

There are a wide variety of cardiovascular exercises that can provide anti-aging benefits, since they are able to increase heart rate in only a short period of time. Cardiovascular exercises should be performed for at least 20 minutes at a time, in order to maintain an increased heart rate that can burn off fat. The cardiovascular portion of anti-aging exercises should be done at least three times a week, in order to maintain a healthy weight without sacrificing any increased endurance.

There is a wide variety of cardiovascular exercises, all of which provide great health benefits and can be fun to do. Jogging, cycling, trekking, power walking, tennis, soccer or swimming are just a few, and they can be performed by almost interested in working out.

Strength training is the final step for anti-aging exercises, since it is important to tone muscles and increase strength when weight is being lost. Strength training can slow down many of the signs of aging that can occur, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and even inner health issues. It is important to include separate strength training exercises, especially since stretching and cardiovascular exercises only add strength to certain muscles of the body.

One of the best ways to gain strength is by using small hand weights, since they can be used to tone the arms, shoulders, and even the back. An exercise ball can also be helpful, since it can be used for abdominal strength training anti-aging exercises, as well as those for the legs and lower half of the body. It is best to start off with easy exercises using only a small amount of weight, and increasing as strength is being gained. Starting off with heavy weights or an extreme strength training routine can result in injury, so it is best to work up to the top.

All types of exercises can be healthy for practically anyone, but anti-aging exercises are great for adults and the elderly. A regular stretching routine, cardiovascular exercises and strength training exercises should be performed, in order to provide an overall anti-aging workout. By exercising on a regular basis, one can look better, feel better, and actually improve overall health by trying anti-aging exercises three times a week for only thirty minutes.

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