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An Anti-Aging eBook You Might Want To Read

Do you suffer from an “age-related disease” such as arthritis, high blood pressure or memory loss? Are you worried about taking prescription drugs that could cause harmful and long-term side effects? Did you know that aging of the cells can be prevented, slowed down and even reversed? Well the science is all there – and many people know it, and take advantage of it.

I’ve been successfully treating patients for all types of aging diseases and other chronic problems since 1996.

Mostly these people are disillusioned with their doctors and with prescription medications. They may be suffering from many side effects from the drugs and can become totally reliant on them.

Sometimes, they just want to know if there is anything else they can do. It’s SO IMPORTANT to understand what is happening to you and what the causes are, and critically, how to reverse aging safely.

My Story…I come from a family with a few inherited aging diseases e.g. hypertension, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

My two grandfather’s and grandmothers all died of heart attacks and strokes. They all suffered from high blood pressure.

One of my grandmothers’ also suffered from osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease and in the end finished her final days in a nursing home.

All this could have been prevented, given the knowledge and implementing it before it was too late!

My father has had 2 heart attacks and one stroke.

After my father’s last stroke which was 10 years ago, I realized I had to step in and interfere with the doctor’s treatment or else I knew I would lose him, just as I had lost my grandparents, but was too young at the time.

I clearly remember the day when my father called me on the phone complaining of numbness down his right arm and dizziness. He asked me to come over, but said he’d be ok. I immediately called an ambulance who when they arrived said he had a blood pressure of 260/140 and immediately gave him oxygen in his home. They then carefully moved him into the ambulance and proceeded to the hospital.

My husband and I were following the ambulance and I remember feeling so anxious because the ambulance was driving so slowly (which is what they always do in these cases).

He was taken straight into emergency where they did x-rays and cat scans and saw that he had had a stroke and a large clot in the brain which was hemorrhaging.

He was not given any hope and was moved to a ward, where they called the Priest in to give him his last farewells.

My father is a strong man, and he had decided to live not die….so the next day he was still alive, much to their amazement. He was moved to the intensive care ward where all the other stroke and heart attack victims were, one girl was in her 30’s and had had a stroke!

As the days drew on, one by one the other men in the ward were dying off. But not my father.

Now was MY time to interfere. So every day I came in with my natural herbal medicines and supplements at a high enough doses to make a big difference. I knew I had to beat the clock and so I was on a mission, there was no way I was going to lose him…not if I had anything to do with it.

I had the knowledge and the experience, and now I had to put it into practice.

Friends started visiting my dad and he felt ashamed as he couldn’t speak to them properly, he had lost control of his voice, plus he had lost control of his arm and hand and felt less of a man, because he couldn’t shake his best friend’s hand. That really embarrassed him. Day after day, I would smuggle in “the natural stuff”, foods, herbs, vitamins and everything I knew that would dissolve the clot, strengthen the artery walls and bring his blood pressure down.

It was working! Within a week, he was starting to feel sensations in his hand again and began writing on a hospital blackboard he found in another ward…at  2 in the morning!

Within 2 weeks they moved him to a rehabilitation hospital….I kept visiting every day and kept my program up (unbeknown to the doctors).

They just could not believe his improvement and in fact a journalist picked up the story and praised the neurosurgeon who had been looking after my dad….the same neurosurgeon who said he had no hope and would die and there was nothing they could do for him![Today, 10 years later, my father walks and swims every day. He has an active social life and does mathematical equations and listens to Mozart.

He has the memory of a 25 year old and is now 71 years old. He has impeccable speech and is as strong as an ox…in fact he still occasionally gets himself into fights!

I only tell you this story because it is close to my heart. There is nothing worse also for the family of the victims to watch as their loved ones wither away unnecessarily.

High blood pressure is just the first symptom of a systemic problem that must be treated, and can be treated completely naturally. It needs to be taken seriously and dealt with as quickly as possible.

It is just another aging disease and one that is PREVENTABLE. In fact they are all preventable.

This comprehensive health report ebook, is easy to read with no tricky medical jargon to try to impress you.

It is a brilliant guide loaded with the type of information you will need to reverse the aging process of the body.

You will be given the correct information to help you make the required diet and lifestyle changes to reduce the attack on the cells and implement some specialized natural healing tools and stress reduction techniques.

This successful program is available to you as an instant down-loadable eBook.

That means it’s quick and easy to access. You don’t have to go shopping, park the car, find the right book – here it is, ready for you now in the comfort of your own home.

Also, if you’re not happy with the results after 60 days – you have our 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked.

Got any of these AGING Symptoms?

  • Blurred vision
  • Shortness of breath
  • Kidney problems
  • Urinary urgency
  • Eye damage with progressive loss of vision
  • Hearing loss
  • Grey hair and thinning hair
  • Wrinkling skin
  • Dry skin & dry eyes
  • Abdominal fat
  • Varicose veins
  • Constipation
  • Memory loss
  • Tiredness and low energy

The good news is, we can REVERSE and REDUCE these symptoms completely WITHOUT resorting to expensive and sometimes dangerous prescription drugs.

Most doctors have good intentions, as I’m sure yours’ does. But they are trained in matching a disease with a pill. They are not trained in preventative medicine or care. They do not really care about assessing the cause of the problem, and will often just use the band aid approach, fixing the problem after the event.

Often their first approach is to pick up their prescription pad and write out a script for a pill or many pills, without looking at the body holistically. Many times people end up with a cocktail of drugs which can have damaging effects on organs in the long run.

Now, sometimes medications are very necessary and will save lives. They can be very useful especially with super high blood pressure. However, they’re designed only to mask the symptoms, not to cure the underlying condition.

Here’s Some of the Topics You’ll Receive When You Download Your Copy Of ‘How to Reverse Aging Using Secret Natural Remedies” Discover:

  • What the 7 tell-tale Signs of Aging are?
  • Why  we age?
  • How long the human body can live for
  • The secrets of ancient civilizations to longevity
  • Which herbal medicines reverse aging Which vitamins reverse aging
  • What the 7 magic minerals to youth are Which specific foods reduce high blood pressure
  • Proven stress management techniques that enable you to relax FAST The 5 main causes of aging
  • What is the single biggest ager to the cells
  • Turning back the clock using exercise Drug Free Natural Patches that REVERSE aging and how and when to use them

You Can Start to Feel Better and Take Control of Your Life and Age…  In A Matter of Minutes…

This special comprehensive health report eBook, ‘How to Reverse Aging, Using Secret Natural Remedies” is available in electronic format.

That means you can have access to this valuable information in a matter of minutes, simply by following the links and downloading the book.

The exciting thing is that it won’t be long until you start noticing an improvement in how you feel.

In fact, some people see and feel positive changes within the first two weeks. For others, it takes a bit longer. Everyone is different. Different genes and different environment, so for you personally I’m not sure, but you must try and never give up…

Either way, you’ll soon be feeling on top of the world (when you see your blood pressure drop, vision improve, hair grow thicker and you’ll feel stronger) and be able to exercise and play with the kids or grand children with renewed energy and vitality !Another benefit is that you will lose a few kilos in the process…especially round the waist! So get ready to not only feel great but look great also.

Plus, don’t forget, that after reading the material, and you don’t feel any benefit from this treatment, know that it comes with a money back guarantee from me – no questions asked.100% Money-Back Guarantee For 2 Full Months

Try the program for 8 weeks. If you’re not experiencing significant health improvements—or you’re not satisfied with “How to Lower Blood Pressure, Using Foods, Herbs and Natural Supplements” for any reason—then you’ll get a 100% refund of every penny paid—no questions asked.

Do you think that’s fair?

There’s nothing worse than feeling that your life is like a ticking time bomb. I know that this condition can be reversed with natural remedies and solutions. No doubt about it. You just need to make the decision – see yourself in the future, having fun and doing the things you love to do with your friends and family. See yourself being happy and healthy. It is possible believe me. You don’t have to be on drugs for the rest of your life.

Try something different and trust that nature has provided us with everything we need, for every illness.

Start to be aware of all the little symptoms, as they start to go. In fact you’ll forget they even existed after a while.

Notice your energy levels most importantly and notice how it improves as you start to implement the ideas and strategies in the book.

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