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The Anti-Aging Diet Plan

There’s one exercise which people in their later years must do to stay looking and feeling younger and keep ageing symptoms such as brittle bone disease and muscle wasting away.  The thing is there’s hardly anybody aware of the real power of this form of exercise, especially for women aged 40+.  It’s even better if you start doing this form of exercise from the age of 25+!

Here’s exactly what you’ll be getting…

The Anti-aging Diet Plan is a 113 page A4 manual.  The front cover is in full color and the inside pages are black and white.  This manual comes in two parts:

Part I – How & Why You Age

How We Age

Know the reasons of how you age, avoid those situations, and you’re half way to becoming a younger-looking you.

Part II – Your ‘Anti-aging Plans’

Your Anti-aging Diet Plan

Learn which foods to eliminate and which anti-aging superfoods to eat for glowing skin and a bucket full of energy.  I’ve included my very own Anti-aging Food Pyramid and Anti-aging Table Guide.

Your Anti-aging Supplement Plan Discover which foods contain essential anti-aging vitamins and minerals and learn about my top 5 anti-aging supplement capsules.

Your Anti-aging Body Sculpturing Plan Learn which forms of ‘gentle’ exercise to carry out tore-shape your body. And I don’t just focus on your body – I will show you how to exercise and tone your face too!  Why not?

Your Anti-aging Skin Care Plan Discover a quick daily facial treatment routine to keep your skin permanently glowing.  I’ve also included a section on natural skin care recipes.  Use real food full of vitamins and minerals and put them on your face to feed your skin.

As an additional bonus, I’ll show you my Top Four Anti-Aging Skin Care products.  No need for botox or any other expensive face treatments, with these four products you can:

  • Boost the collagen in your face, making your facial skin cells plump and juicy
  • Clean deep down into the pores of your skin to get rid of old make-up, toxins and other unwanted debris
  • Get rid of your dead, grey looking skin cells and make way for new, plump, pink skin cells
  • Learn how to exercise your facial muscles to smooth out visible lines and wrinkles in only minutes per day


I have reached the age of 65, read and tried many diets and eating plans over the years but only to give-up because I was bored with the plan or the weight just would not shift.

However, the Anti-aging Diet Plan offers a completely different approach and perspective on weight loss and healthy eating.

As Claire states in her book “Weight loss is a very welcome side-effect of this healthy anti-aging eating plan”.  The books core focus is eating for anti-aging purposes, but if you have excess weight, then that will literally drop off you in a matter of weeks!

What I also liked about the book was that it includes four ‘Anti-aging Plans’, the diet plan, anti-aging supplement plan, exercise plan and skin care plan.

I’ve never seen this in any other book before!  I highly recommend this book as it’s so easy and simple to follow.  I have seen a big difference in my energy levels, some weight loss and my skin is a lot softer probably due to all the fruit I eat! –Moira Allan, Scotland

Here are three free bonuses I wrote to accompany the main manual to make it a complete plan:

Bonus #1: Your 10 Month Weight Loss Tracker

Learn how to measure your body fat and BMI and keep track of these as you lose weight.

I have developed weekly and monthly trackers plus a celebration tracker for every half stone you lose.

All this is to give you all the motivation and encouragement you need to lose your unwanted weight.  There’s nothing better than to track your way to weight loss success!

Bonus #2: Your Anti-Aging Checklist

Make sure you’re doing all your anti-aging habits on a daily and weekly basis by ticking them off on your anti-aging checklist.

This checklist includes all the major aspects in all of the anti-aging ‘plans’.  Your checklist for your Anti-aging Diet Plan, Supplement Plan, Exercise Plan and Skin Care Plan.

This just helps to keep you on track at a ‘glance’ to check-off your healthy, anti-aging habits!

Bonus #3: Your Antioxidant-Rich Recipe Book

A book full of yummy anti-aging, antioxidant and fat burning recipes which are easy to make and won’t cost you a fortune.

These recipes are very easy to make (because I can make them!), are great for all the family and are so tasty that you wouldn’t want to eat fatty, takeaway burgers and greasy chips again!

There’s a section for Vegan and Vegetarian eaters too, it’s not just for meat and fish lovers!

This is really exciting!  Just think, you can have all this within minutes of ordering today.  My book really is jam-packed full of very useful and informative information that you can digest and put into action immediately.

Just imagine, regaining your youth back by having:

  • Less visible wrinkles
  • Glowing skin
  • An amazingly toned body, and
  • Bags full of energy!

You really can achieve all of this.  If you’re prepared to make the effort and put all the anti-aging secrets which I give you into action.

What This Book Is Not:

  • A ‘prescriptive’ diet. It’s more a set of sensible guidelines. There’s nothing stopping you taking the guidelines and running in your own preferred direction;
  • A whole book on weight loss. It also covers, anti-aging supplements, skin care and body transformation, plus much more.

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