Does Alcohol Cause Acne?

There are some people who suffer from increased acne after drinking alcohol – others drink as much as they want without it any making any discernible difference to their skin. There is no particular link with alcohol to acne but it be a trigger for some people. It may also depend on the amount and type of alcohol you drink.

If you do notice outbreaks following drinking, it might be that a certain type of alcohol is causing an acne outbreak. Some people have noticed a reaction to beer for example but find that swapping to another beverage does not upset the skin in the same way. Acne caused by drinking too much alcohol?

One reason why you might be suffering from acne after alcohol is that you are drinking too much. Alcohol puts a strain on your liver, the body’s filter that removes toxins. When it is damaged, the toxins and excess blood sugar are not removed and this will affect your skin as well as your general health.

A less serious reason why alcohol may cause acne is to do with the side effects rather than the ingredients. Going to bed late and in full makeup on a regular basis plays havoc with your skin and your cleansing routine.

Possible links between Alcohol and Acne

Everyone knows that drinking to excess is generally bad for your health. Heavy drinking can affect your hormone levels and disrupt your sleep patterns both of which trigger acne.

Alcohol reduces the body‘s ability to fight infection because it lowers the body’s antioxidant levels so this may impact on your acne. Alcohol is also a diuretic. It increases the need to urinate and this makes you dehydrated. Waking up in the morning with a mouth like a birdcage means that your skin is dehydrated as well as your mouth.

What can you do if alcohol triggers acne?

You may find that making a few changes to your drinking habits is enough to keep your acne outbreaks to a minimum. Reducing your alcohol consumption or changing your drinks will probably help. Try switching to distilled drinks because spirits may not affect the skin as much as fermented drinks such as beer, wine and cider. If you do like wine make sure you drink it alongside plenty of water. Drinking the same amount of water as alcohol is a great idea, whatever your favorite tipple and is a good way of keeping your intake down. Alternating a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks will keep your body hydrated and help you avoid a hangover next morning.

Boosting your vitamin C levels will also help you deal with the antioxidant draining effects of alcohol so a morning after glass of fresh orange juice helps. Sensible drinking and moderation is the key to alcohol. Most people can enjoy a drink or two without causing acne but drinking to excess will probably show up on your skin.

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