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Ageless Body – Part 3

The Problem with the Anti-Aging Industry

This whole episode got me thinking about the anti-aging industry.  The estimated size of this industry is 96 billion dollars.

If you go on google and type in “anti-aging” you get pages and pages and pages of skin cream type products or other anti-aging cosmetics.

My friend’s workouts seem to be more cosmetic.  A physical task that wasn’t very difficult made him feel old.

Just like any product, the anti-aging product addresses a problem.  Getting old is unpleasant and we buy things to hopefully reverse the effects of aging.  We exercise and eat healthy to resist the effects of aging.

Shouldn’t we try to anti-age from inside first?  Correct our posture and movement and get some confidence going with lifting fairly heavy objects and then go from there?

I’m working on a book review about a transformation that goes deep on just how radical this “movement transformation” is for anti-aging and how its effects go far beyond knowing how to lift something and possessing improved endurance and even “feeling” younger.

It shows how this person gets stronger and feels younger with every passing year instead of the opposite.  The problem of aging has been minimized, drastically.

There are people right now calling the anti-aging industry “bad” and saying “it should go back to the hell it came from.”  (Maybe they just needed a warm glass of milk and a nap?)

Really?  This isn’t realistic. To do away with this industry you have to do away with the human urge to combat the negative effects of aging and that won’t happen.  To do that you have to deny there are in fact negative effects of aging – which I don’t see happening any time soon.

Rethinking Anti-Aging

It might be hubris on my part, but I want us to rethink what “anti-aging” means without demonizing it.

There are good things about aging, and there are bad things, just like anything else.

If you could be stronger and more mobile than you ever were in addition to the experience and wisdom you get from aging, would you?

You can have the best cosmetics money can buy, but if you don’t do something about your posture and movement then you’re stuck in my friend’s shoes: doing any little thing outside your narrow comfort zone makes you feel old.

You feel old when you could feel younger, maybe even a lot younger.

This isn’t an attack on anti-aging cosmetic products, merely stating their limitations.  Cosmetics can’t help with this facet of aging.

If you don’t anti-age through posture and movement as a means to building strength, your body is going to fall apart much faster than it otherwise would or has to.

If My friend Knew How to Use His Body

With the right strength and movement tools the situation with my friend would have had a different result.

He would have easily lifted his side, walked down the steps and over to the car: no sweat, no weakness, no problem.

He wouldn’t have said “ah to be young again,” because he wouldn’t have felt old.

Three people I highly respect and listen to when it comes to being healthy (strong, slim, quick, a twinkle in the eye, and an anti-aged look) are Andrea DuCane, Geoff Neupert, and Dr. John Sullivan.

They all three agree on one critical thing about working out (if you want strength, fat loss, quickness, a twinkle in the eye and an anti-aged look): don’t overdo it.

20 minutes with your bells or bodyweight or both will do more for you than longer workouts that have you feel like you were run over a truck. These longer sessions actually accelerate aging and mess with your hormones (so I’m told).Here are 13 benefits to short, purposeful 20 minute workouts:

  • Improves sexual function
  • Changes in gene expression (like reversing the “obese” gene, etc.)
  • Better Skin
  • Healthy Eyes
  • Better Sleep
  • A Sharper Brain
  • Fewer Migraines (or frequent to ZERO in my case)
  • Boosted Immunity
  • More cheerful disposition
  • More Birthdays
  • More time to do other stuff (like time with loved ones)
  • More time to rest and recover (just as important as exercising for fat loss and building strength)
  • Money saved from spending less on items pertaining to improving some of the above

My own trial and error over the years has been confirmed the advice of these three trainers. A few years back I got in the groove with 20 minute workouts. I basically did 10 minutes of swings, rest a minute or two, then 10 minutes of TGUs three times per week. I did this for somewhere between 1 and 2 months.

Got an email from someone selling hormone products (testosterone) and the benefits of taking these hormone enhancers. Reading down the list of benefits in this email (hard to remember – but probably similar to the one above) and thinking: “I already have all of those.”

Not only that, but at the time I wanted a “mutant” secret service snatch test score (As many snatches as you can in 10 minutes, men use a 53 pound bell, women a 16kg). Anything “Secret Service” is cool in my book.

After a few months of these 20 minute workouts (used a 24kg, 32kg or 40 kg bell depending on the day), picked up the 24kg, set the timer, and clocked in 240 reps in the SSST…massive PR that far exceeded my expectations.

20 minutes: not too much, not too little: just right.

Your strength and conditioning…in addition to the more important stuff listed above…will improve, perhaps even drastically.

That’s why I was absolutely thrilled when I saw that someone who really understood the science behind these short yet jaw droppingly effective workouts mapped out OVER 90 PROGRAMS just for you

– figure out what your goal is, what kind of bells you have to use and plug in your program. Your program will dictate what you do for the next month or two.

It’s like buying seeds from the store…you plant them and enjoy the fruits.

Have a Master RKC get you your seeds. I crunched the numbers for you, 92 of these programs is approximately1,656 workouts.

That’s 1,656 workouts. In your private file.

You won’t do all of them, but you will find one or two that you really like. I’m halfway done with my second one.

If Geoff charged 50 cents a workout that would come to $828.00. I wonder how much time it took to come up with all of these.

You’ll be surprised how simple these programs are. Usually based around two or three exercises. Grab your 1,656 time saving, stress relieving, hormonally charged workouts before Geoff raises the price.

I’ve been wanting to share this story with you for a while but was waiting for the last piece.

At the workshop in Orlando last September we met Bonnie. Like everyone at this workshop, she was intensely interested in living a strong and healthy life, and being a personal trainer, sharing this information to help transform her clients.

I remember her giving me some solid nutrition advice: don’t consume anything mass produced with more than 5 ingredients (or something similar to that). I was drinking a store bought “health” beverage that had more than 5 ingredients, more like 55….and most of them had long, chemically sounding names.

Journey to the Workshop

Before meeting Bonnie at the workshop, I was inspired by the fact that she made the trip.

She had emailed me one month prior and told me that she was in her 60s and lived in Alaska.  The workshop was in Orlando. I told her I thought the workshop would be helpful. She decided to attend, and made the long , trans Canadian, trans-US flight.  You can see her level of commitment from knowing this one fact alone.

She had a great workshop, and having not been exposed to the high quality of training in the RKC/HKC world she learned a lot:

A Fixed Problem

“Thank you Andrea, for re-enforcing what you taught us at the Ageless Body Workshop in Orlando. I’ve used several of your mobility drills for myself and my clients. I am so happy to report that my left shoulder (almost immobile in September before the Workshop) is doing quite well and I am almost (I did it once) able to do a get-up with my body weight supported on my left arm!!! This is huge!!

Thank you for showing me ways to unlock my shoulder along with many, many other “tricks”.”

Bonnie has kept in touch. She wanted to further pursue her training and knowledge, for herself and her clients in Anchorage.

She emailed me soon after the workshop and asked if she could do the HKC or RKC:

“Do you think–seeing me and my abilities– that I could do an HKC workshop and get that certification? I want to do the CK-FMS in June 2012, but it says that I need to be an RKC and I don’t believe that will happen for me before June or ever for that matter! Not that I wouldn’t love to be an RKC……but won’t be ready before June of 2012. ”Journey to HKC

Due to shoulder mobility issues (which I’m starting to discover more and more are quite common), I advised keeping conservative and shooting for the HKC.

Bonnie took off for the December 11, 2011 HKC in Houston instructed by Franz Snideman (I’ve known Franz for years. He is not only one of the smartest and most diligent trainers I’ve met, but also one of the most supportive and genuinely helpful guys around. It was a perfect fit.)

I followed up and asked Bonnie about her HKC experience:

“My experience at the HKC was fantastic! What a great group of guys that led/taught us. Franz Snideman was the lead presenter and he was wonderful! I did not complete my hang–but I have 90 days to send a video in and then I will get my Certification. I did pass all the other “legs” so the hang is all I have to do! Considering where my shoulder was in September–I feel like I’ve made such progress–unbelievable!!”

One of the requirements to become HKC certified is hold yourself on a pull up bar, elbows at ninety degrees and chin over the bar, for 15 seconds. It would take some work and some time.

I’ve been waiting for this email, and it came last week:

“Just wanted you to know that I got my HKC cert. I did have to do the 15 second hang away from the actual event–but I got it done and got my piece of paper.  Thanks so much for your and Andrea’s support.

I love your emails [get on our email list by signing up for the free 20 page report on the upper right]. I am so glad that Andrea is putting on more Ageless Body Workshops. That workshop in Orlando was the one thing that really turned my attitude toward my clients and business around!! We need to get the word out to people that they actually need it!! I’ve been focusing more on joint mobility and muscle flexibility with my clients and they are so grateful!”

If you’re in Alaska, stop by and train with Bonnie. RKC?

“RKC? WOW! That’s tempting, but right now I have to concentrate on my business.  I looked at the requirements for the RKC the other day and the snatches are out of my league right now. I’ll work on it, you can bet on that!!”

Congratulations Bonnie and thanks for letting us share your story!

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