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Mandy asks…skin care- help!?

I read an article re: sun damage and it mentioned some of the products you can use. I want to know if I can get all of them in one product. Or do I have to buy several diff. ones. For example- they listed recommendations for what’s the best sunscreen, antioxidants, glycolic acid, retinoid, night repair…so I don’t know if I have to buy a product that has all of them, or 2 products or buy products with each thing listed individually. I’m mainly looking for a great moisturizer/sunscreen that will make my skin look great- not age me.

Admin answers:  Over the counter products don’t really have enough concentrated levels of these helpful ingredients to make a huge difference. If you really want products that will make a difference, consult with your dermatologist. Most of this stuff is marketing hype in which they are trying to get you to spend loads of money on loads of products that really don’t make a difference. Retin A from your dermatologist will make an impact, as it is the prescription strength that can really penetrate deep and make changes. Your dermatologist can recommend the best products to ensure you don’t over buy or buy non-reputable brands that say they are dermatologist tested & approved that in reality, no one has ever heard of. In general, some of the better “over the counter” skin care products are available through medical Estheticians, like Dermalogica, etc.  If a spa and medical esthetician doesn’t use it, it’s probably another fly by night phony brand. Drug store & department store brands just won’t cut it. They cannot put enough of a concentrated amount in the brand that would make a difference, because it’s really Rx strength that works. Best of luck finding what is best on your skin type.

Ruth asks…I need skin care help?

What’s the best brand sold in regular stores like Fry’s, Walgreen’s, Walmart, etc.?   I got a facial this past Friday for the 1st time according to the girl who did my facial I haven’t been taking care of my skin. I have very oily skin bad acne I am 22 years old.    She said to buy these Japanese products called NOEVIR   I can’t afford it right now. I’ve taken strong acne medications -pills & ointment that wasn’t treating my skin. I gave up on pills & ointments I want use regular stuff at the store until I can afford Noevir. I’ve been to skin doctors I didn’t like any of the stuff they gave me because I wasn’t seeing any results.

These are some moisturizers and toners that I think the girl from the facial place said were bad but I want to ask on here too if anyone knows what’s best for oily skin and acne that’s affordable (not 40$ each bottle).

  • Clean & Clear
  • Cetaphil — I’ve used didn’t help me really
  • Neutrogena
  • Aveeno
  • Noxema
  • Acne free
  • Ive’s

Admin answers:  Hi, Neutrogena face wash works pretty well for me and my friends, but try and get an over the counter product with benzoyl peroxide in it this works well when used sparingly when you need it urgently otherwise your skin gets used to it and it stops working and don’t coat your face with it just dab some on the problem areas.  I have ok skin most of the time but when i get a pimple i use a benzoyl peroxide based cream on top of the pimple and it clears it up, in conjunction with Neutrogena face wash. Also invest in a good moisturizer and use it daily, Neutrogena makes some pretty good ones.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Maria asks…Skin Care?

My face is clear. No acne. No pimples everywhere. Except for my nose! My nose is oily, bumpy, has tiny pimples on it, and one blackhead that I just can’t pop! What is the best thing to use for my face to get rid of the oily & bumpy nose? I already use Clinique facial products, but they’re not working too well with my face… so why should I buy products SOO expensive (Clinique) when they don’t work too well?

Admin answers:  I have oily skin and I always ALWAYS carry my clean and clear oil absorbing sheets – they are wonderful. Especially if your acne is mostly oil related, which is what it sounds like. Just get those and blot oil away anytime w/o disturbing your makeup!

Susan asks…Men’s Skin Care? What Do Men Use?

So I’m 16, and I want to have really nice skin. Girls use all these products that make them have flawless skin, so I’m wondering if men can do the same? And if they do, what kinds of products do I have tobuy? You can give general, or brands, but a basic guideline would be nice. Thanks!

Admin answers:  I would suggest buying a nice set of pre-shave lotion, after shave and maybe a face cleanser. Some good manly brands are: Nivea for Men, Jack Black, and Clinique for Men or MenScience. Good luck!

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