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Many people think of acne as a teenage skin condition but unfortunately it does not always fade away at the same time as you take your A levels. For some people, acne continues throughout the decades without a break whereas others can get the condition for the first time later in life. Women are more prone to acne but some men are also affected, typically suffering from acne from their teenage years into the next decade. A lot of acne treatment is aimed at teenagers, but if you have it at a later age, you will probably want to find an adult acne treatment that is more relevant to you and your condition.

Why do adults suffer from acne?

Dermatologists are seeing an increase in adult acne sufferers in recent years but as yet have been unable to give a conclusive reason as to why this should be the case.

However, there are many reasons for adult acne breakouts. Some women find that the condition returns once they stop taking birth control pills, which may have kept acne at bay for many years. Some women find acne returning around the time of the menopause or around the time of a period.

For some men and women acne is a reoccurring problem that has blighted their lives since their teenage years.

If you have never been free of acne, have tried seeking medical advice, and still have not managed to clear it, you may need to re think your strategy and move to a more holistic and natural approach – an adult acne treatment that is different.

How to treat adult acne

A complete course of herbal-based treatment that includes vitamin and mineral supplements as well as topical skin treatment may be the answer, especially if you have reoccurring acne breakouts.

Certain medication can also cause acne to flare up as a side effect. Medication such as anticonvulsants, corticosteroids, and sobriety drugs can all lead to acne. If you feel this is your case you should consult your doctor to find if there is an alternative that can be prescribed.

For women, acne can sometimes be a warning of an underlying medical condition such as ovarian cysts or an adrenal gland disorder. So if you have any worries about the sudden appearance of acne this you should seek medical advice especially if you notice other symptoms such as thinning hair or increased facial hair.

Finding a grown up adult acne treatment is important. Acne can make you just as miserable as an adult as when you were as a teenager and can be a pointer of other conditions. However most cases of adult acne can be improved once treated.



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